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Ellie Spence is a business development executive from Norwich, and is in the line-up to be the first bombshell in this year’s winter series of ITV2’s popular reality TV show, Love Island.

After being single for three years, Ellie is ready to settle down with that special someone, hopefully meaning she can find her husband in the Love Island villa. 

Ellie says that she falls in love very quickly, but equally, can fall out of love just as quickly. This was backed by her comments when she said “I could literally fall in love with a chair and then a week later be like, ‘Oh wait, no, that’s a chair...’” 

“I build up a character of someone in my head and then they breathe in the wrong direction and I’m like, ‘Next!’” 

Since Ellie is particular about her taste in men, and finds it unattractive if a man is arrogant, rather than confident, it will be interesting to see how she copes on her Love Island experience in a villa full of singletons! 

We can’t wait to see how Ellie’s influencing career blossoms after her time in the villa! 

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