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Coco’s World is a space for all kids and young teens to come together over Coco’s entertaining videos about fashion, school, sisterhood and more. Covering a wide range of topics and talking points, her channel is filled with entertaining videos for the younger generation. By successfully filling the gap in the market for kid influencers and young vloggers, Coco has now become one of the biggest YouTube personalities for her age demographic and benefits from having over 150k subscribers on YouTube and over 10 million views across her channel.

Coco’s videos consist of back to school videos; funny challenges such as ‘Doing My Big Sister’s Makeup’ and donating her hair to charity; ‘Get Ready With Me’ video tags, including festive and Halloween editions; fashion hauls, and more. Her astounding social media presence has lead her on to becoming a television star and collaborating with Disney in working alongside global Disney superstars such as Raven Simone in their hilarious ‘psychic challenge’. Her relationship with Disney has always seen her feature on Disney’s television series Vlogger Takeover, where her episodes are aired weekly on the popular kids television channel. Her involvement in Nickelodeon’s Slime Fest has enabled her to meet with the likes of Jojo Siwa, a fellow child influencer that Coco claims she has looked up to for years.

Needless to say, Coco’s popularity and fame is growing as she pursues her love for vlogging both on the internet and on television. Besides becoming Disney’s next young superstar, she is also being recognised as one of the youngest and most exciting fashion, lifestyle and television influencers on the internet and across social media channels. Her influence has allowed her to acquire an incredibly loyal and dedicated following. Many young girls and boys look up to the influencer, eagerly attending her meet and greet events for a chance to see the icon outside of their usual screens.

Despite her young age, Coco utilises her social media as a platform to advertise all of her commercial activity, Disney projects and partnerships. Frequently collaborating with her older sister, who is also an influencer specialising in fashion and lifestyle vlogging, she rakes in views from older viewers who are fans of her sister’s channel as well as Coco’s. She continues to inspire people of all ages by donating her hair to charity and supporting vital causes.

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