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Comedian, model and social media phenomenon, Abdulaziz is an all-round entertainer and is recognised as one of the most successful social media influencers in the Middle East.

Commonly referred to as Bin Baz, Abdulaziz has accumulated more than 650,000 YouTube subscribers since beginning his journey to internet stardom. Before catching the attention of the public eye, Abdulaziz was an aspiring footballer and played for a major United Arab Emirates club, but he soon joined the world of social media after his first post to Instagramin 2013.

Some of his most popular content includes the short skits he posts to YouTube about everyday life in the Emirates, causing him to resonate with his audience.

Whether he’s pranking his friends in hilarious videos or spreading joy, for example during Ramadan when he surprised taxi drivers with airline tickets to visit their families back home, Abdulaziz shares content to keep everyone entertained.

One of his momentous achievements was being nominated for best YouTube comedian in the 10th annual Shorty Awards, an event that celebrates social media talent. Abdulaziz has also collaborated with other high-flying YouTuber’s such as Logan Paul.

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