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Juggling multiple careers and talents at once, this popular social media influencer has stunned the public with his ambitious nature. Despite establishing his career as a doctor for the NHS, the young medic decided that he wanted to pursue multiple paths when he entered the Love Island villa.

Discussing his motivations in joining the villa, the influencer aimed to potentially intertwine his two career goals and fill the gap in the influencer market for TV doctors and medical influencers. Alex is open about his wishes to use the platform instead to ‘talk about things that are topical and affect people in everyday life’. In doing so, he has found success in building a platform where he can voice issues that affect the public, including both physical and mental health.

Since his appearance on Love Island, Alex has returned to his medical roots, becoming an expert in medical care who continues to help people through making weekly Health Q&As and running a podcast titled The Waiting Room, where he discusses vital topics such as mental health, reality television and general medical phenomena. He takes to Instagram to encourage fans to follow his projects, as well as sharing his afterthought on each podcast.

A regular user of Instagram, Alex documents his day job as an A&E doctor, as well as giving fans a glimpse of the behind the scenes of his career in TV and the media. Often sharing insightful, useful and education videos and images to the photo-sharing platform, Dr Alex is a source of inspiration for his millions of followers. A true car enthusiast, Dr Alex often takes to Instagram to share his love and interest in the automotive industry.

Alongside this, Alex regularly appears on TV shows such as Lorraine and This Morning and is supportive of numerous charities and voluntarily advocates for organisations such as Centre Point UK.

More recently, Alex announced that he is releasing his very first book, Live Well Every Day and, combining his passion for self-care, he has also launched his own bath bomb brand, Prescribd.

Also in 2021, it was announced that Dr Alex had been appointed as the government's Mental Health Ambassador, following his hardwork, dedication and campaigning for the cause which is very close to his heart. He plans to use his clinical and medical expertise as well as heart breaking personal experiences to help raise awareness and promote mental health education in young people across the country.

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