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About Zerkaa…

Josh Bradley, or as he is more commonly known, Zerkaa is a British YouTuber and gaming influencer. Josh’s journey to become of the UK’s most influential YouTubers began thanks to his high-quality Call of Duty gameplay videos. 

Josh regularly uploads videos across his four YouTube channels and is known for creating content around FIFA and Call of Duty. 

Josh’s YouTube channels, titled Zerkaa, ZerkaaPlays, ZerkaaClips and ZerkaaShorts, have amassed an impressive, combined total of 1.6 billion views!  

Currently, Zerkaa is still uploading FIFA videos and has recently began sharing more of his fun and charismatic personality by posting vlogs and Q&A’s. As well as creating his own content, Josh is also part of popular YouTube group, the Sidemen, alongside KSI and Vik Barns.   

Interested in men's fashion, Josh has also branched out from content creation and social media as he has launched his own clothing brand called ZRK LDN. His brand and the Sidemen clothing brand can be seen on his Instagram, in company with many photos of his fellow Sidemen and lavish holiday snaps.  

Skilled at video games and with an innovative mind, it is no surprise that Josh has seen such success. 

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