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Tiffany Watson is the stylish fashion, food and fitness star of All 4’s Made In Chelsea, known for her vibrant character and ethical eating habits.

Stepping into the spotlight in 2014, Tiffany Watson, better known as Tiff, joined the cast of Made In Chelsea as the younger sister of Lucy Watson, who was already a fan favorite on the show. Quickly establishing herself as a down to earth and vivacious member of the cast, Tiff let audiences in on her glamorous lifestyle in Chelsea, with unrestricted access to her relationships, business ventures and family life. For three years she entertained viewers and has made a surprise come back to the series in 2020, which is sure to shake things up.

A key issue Tiff was often found discussing on Made In Chelsea was veganism and the need for more sustainable and ethical lifestyles with regards to animal products. With the show giving her a bigger platform, in the media and on social accounts, Tiff founded Threesixfive to further her campaign for cruelty free living. The business combined Tiff’s passion for luxury fashion with her core values, and she created a sustainably sourced vegan leather alternative. From bags to travel accessories, Tiff has designed everything a style conscious and environmentally conscious woman needs.

Also a fitness fanatic, Tiff takes to Instagram to share her accessible workouts and body boosting exercises. With over half a million followers, Tiff has amassed a huge fan base thanks to her consumer friendly content. From at home workouts to deliciously simple vegan recipes, Tiff is leading the way to a healthier lifestyle through her social media. Also using the grid to promote products she’s passionate about, Tiff has partnered up with a number of brands like Naked Glory, Roar Ice Cream and Squeaky Bean, to show her followers there are plenty of healthier, plant based alternatives on the market.

Currently Tiff is keeping her fans up to date as a popular social media influencer, with the latest in vegan trends and fun workout options, like Barre classes. She can also be seen enjoying making waves on her return to Made In Chelsea as a sassy singleton.

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