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Besides successfully following the footsteps of her father with a career as an actress, Dani Dyer is a popular reality TV star and top social media influencer.

Since rising to fame in her debut role in The Other Half in 2006, she since been involved in films such as Doghouse, Vendetta and Age of Kill. This is before making an impressionable appearance on the 2018 Love Island series, where she was announced as the winner of the competition alongside Jack Fincham. Since then, Dani has embarked on various challenges and collaborations with fashion lines, inspiring her followers to support charities as well as different fashion and lifestyle companies.

Her Instagram following stands at over 3.6 million, and the numbers are continuously increasing. With her positive persona and determination to take up challenges and risks, Dani is continuing to be a beloved figure within the world of influencers.

Her involvement in the show Survival of the Fittest showcased her courageous personality as she faced an unfortunate shoulder injury when completing her first challenge. Despite having to depart from the show, this did not stop her from satisfying her adventurous drive. Since then she has gone on to climb Kilamanjaro for Comic Relief and documented her whole experience across social media; exposing the ups and downs of the experience in an honest and emotional light. Needless to say, she is not afraid to express hardship or discomfort which makes her an admirable character as she encourages fans to step out of their comfort zone and achieve what may seem like unattainable dreams.

Aside from her charity expeditions, she also regularly collaborates with popular fashion brands such as In the Style as a long-term partner and avid supporter of the fashion line. During their partnership, Dani has been busy promoting various clothing items on her Twitter and Instagram pages as well as featuring in the campaign #itjustgotreal.

The campaign advocates body positivity and mental health, ensuring that the audience receive healthy representation in media, ultimately contributing to Dani’s global popularity. In addition to promoting fashion ranges, the star has recently launched her own collection of new gym wear with In The Style, making her a soon-to-be fitness fashion icon, drawing in attention from a wider target audience.

Dani has previously been involved with shows by the BBC and , with the light-hearted, family-friendly show Danny Dyer’s Right Royal Family. She occasionally involves herself in further further work as she has collaborated/promoted companies such as Insider Lifestyle and Cheshire Home Interiors. Having also been on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine, she is becoming a fashion icon to many around the world whilst she continues to expand her social media presence as one of the UK’s biggest celebrity lifestyle influencers.

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