The Power of Love (Island)

The Power of Love (Island)

9pm tonight is the perfect time to travel on the roads, do your food shopping or hit up the gym as millions of people across the country will be on their sofas, at home, ready for the return of Love Island 2018!

It’s undeniably one of the most popular programmes of the year. Last year’s final broke all of the show’s previous figures by drawing in two million viewers, the show became ITV2’s most-watched show ever and back in May the programme also scooped the award for ‘Best Reality and Constructed Factual’ at the 2018 British Academy Television Awards. 

The show will be aired for six out of the seven days a week for eight weeks and while a lot can certainly happen inside the villa during that time, there are a few things that will certainly happen outside of the villa this year… 

Social media will go wild

During the eight weeks that it airs on ITV2, Love Island truly dominates social media – hashtags trend, couples names are shipped and followings soar. 

Last year was the year which saw a much more noticeable reaction from social media, in fact platforms such as Facebook and Twitter were brimming with Love Island related content from hilarious memes to reaction posts. 

In 2017 Love Island social media groups were even created with the likes of Love Island Reactions – a Facebook fan page with 705,652 likes – extremely quick off the mark with its posts. Something happens on the show and a matter of seconds later, the page posts witty reactions and people love it! 

So, if you are unable to catch the latest episode, be sure to avoid social media at all costs as there will be spoilers EVERYWHERE.

The Islanders’ Instagrams will be buzzing

Whether they are ‘muggy’ or ‘each other’s types on paper’, or not, it’s impossible to ignore the social media power the contestants will have.

The line-up for this year was only released a week ago, but ever since the contestants, who haven’t even entered the villa, or our TV screens yet, have already watched their Instagram followers rise significantly! 

As it stands the villa’s new residents hold a combined Instagram following of 351,700 thousand and that’s before they have shown us any kind of personality. Why? Because viewers and brands know that these individuals are going to be hot on social as soon as they leave the villa and want to be ready to engage with them.   

And, if last year’s winners, Kem Cetinay and Amber Davies, are anything to go by, the islander’s following is only set to get bigger with Kem now boasting 2 million on Instagram and Amber having over 1.6 million. 

Islanders will become influencers

Not many jobs out there would allow an employee to take eight weeks off work to enter the Love Island villa, so, it is likely that this year’s contestants have left their careers behind them in pursuit of love (and fame) – a pretty big decision to make. 

But, the chances are they won’t be returning to the daily grind when they step out of the villa. Thanks to the show and their newly established social media presence, they will be turning to social media as a source of income. Generating a fresh batch of social media influencers, these individuals’ platforms will be full of engaging content, paid partnerships and campaign work. 

Many, depending on their popularity in the house, may also go on to have a successful career in broadcasting.  

Brands will be hot on marketing

Influencer marketing, or Islander marketing as it could just as easily be named, will be top of the priority list for many brands looking to maximise their reach and place themselves in front of consumers everywhere. 

An extremely effective way for them to utilise what is set to be a vast social media following from this year’s contestants, brands will be queuing up to tap into the islanders’ audience reach. 

Unsurprisingly collaborations between this year’s contestants and brands are already being negotiated to ensure the moment the islanders exit the villa, brands can benefit from their fresh fame.  


If you are a brand and have your sights set on any of this year’s Love Island contestants when they leave the villa, get in contact with us at Influencer Matchmaker and we can help you form what is set to be one of the most successful and popular collaborations of the moment. 

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