How to Get a Brand Deal with Macro Influencers

Amelia Neate
Senior Manager
Influencer Marketing

The current influencer marketing industry is worth a whopping $13.8 billion, and has come a long way since 2016 when it was worth just $1.7b.

Back then, social media influencers were simply classified as one, and then there were celebrities - there was no real crossover.

However now, as we move further into 2021, social media influencers are much more than just that. Their names hold a lot of weight in the worlds of marketing and advertising, and in some cases, are much more well-known and impactful than the traditional celeb.

From micro to macro, influencers come in all shapes and sizes and have a lot to offer their audiences.

And in this blog, we will take you through everything you need to know about macro influencers; what they are, how many followers they have, how to find them and more importantly, how you can collaborate with them.

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What is a macro influencer?

So, just how many followers does a macro influencer have? With a following ranging from 500,000 to a whopping one million, macro influencers sit just below mega influencers. They also have the ability to impact their audiences, raise brand awareness, and allow brands to generate an impressive return on investment (ROI). 

Typically, macro influencers are the OG beauty bloggers and YouTubers from way back when. When the influencer marketing industry had only just begun more than a decade ago, we never imagined that they would have a following as large and as varied as they do, and it is these very influencers that have completely changed the game.

With macro influencers, the opportunities for them, their audiences and brands alike really are endless.

Easily recognised by their name and social media handles, macro influencers are almost as popular as celebrities, but with a little more relatability.

The engagement of a macro influencer may not be as high as nano and micro influencers, but they make up for that with sheer noise and social media impact.

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Why work with a macro influencer?

The type of influencer a brand should work with is entirely dependent on their goal, objectives, and end user.

Brands should consider working with a macro influencer if they are aiming to reach people on mass.

Whether they are promoting a new product or service, or are trying to get the name of their brand out there, macro influencers are the perfect people to collaborate with.

Particularly useful for those seeking to raise brand awareness and truly make their mark, a macro influencer is often the perfect tool for a successful influencer campaign.

Macro influencers are just as valuable as mega influencers. Whilst they may not have quite as many followers, they do have much more to offer, including;

  • Relatability
  • A niche audience
  • Higher levels of engagement
  • Opportunity to reach people on mass
  • Multi-channel popularity
  • Brand association

With an ever so slightly smaller following, macro influencers are much more relatable and have a better connection with their audience, creating something that resembles somewhat of a community. Whilst macro influencers sit just under mega influencers, this means that they have something to offer that the latter does not – relatability. In the world of influencer marketing and social media, relatability is key, and without it, the industry simply wouldn’t exist. It is what connects the audience with an influencer, forming a bond and creating a relationship.

Not only that, but their followers typically follow them for a specific reason, which is usually their niche, whatever that may be. Whether it’s beauty, fashion, health and fitness, or gaming, macro influencers attract people due to their passions and expertise.

And with that in mind, a niche audience also equates to higher levels of engagement, and in turn, more sales, clicks or leads, depending on the activity.

Macro influencers are also usually popular across more than one platform. As avid users of Instagram, YouTube and TikTok, macro influencers can reach people on mass and across multiple social media channels.

What’s more, macro influencers are that popular that they have the ability to make any brand they work with just as popular, too. If an influencer is particularly well recognised for working with a brand, then the brand becomes just as easily recognisable, proving the power of brand association. This can also happen vice versa.

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Popular macro influencer x brand campaigns

Whether you’re a brand or consumer, it is likely that you have come across many campaigns involving a macro influencer, perhaps without even realising.

For example, Strictly Come Dancing professional and social media star Dianne Buswell, teamed up with Dove to work on their #ArmsUp campaign. Helping the personal care brand to reach and empower women, Dianne discussed the pressures associated with the physical appearance of women, particularly within the entertainment industry.

Luxury fashion and home influencer Lydia Millen continues to release clothing collections with Karen Millen. The surnames are simply coincidence, however now, it is hard to think of one without thinking of the other, thanks to the powerful social media campaigns, beautiful imagery, timeless style and of course, the impact of a macro influencer.

The list of successful influencer campaigns including a macro influencer really is endless, as are the opportunities they present.

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How to work with a macro influencer

Macro influencers are, as you can imagine, incredibly popular and are often in demand. Whilst this is a great position for influencers themselves to be in, it can prove difficult for brands seeking a collaboration.

With up to one million followers, macro influencers appear to be, and often are, the perfect partner for upcoming influencer marketing campaigns. However, there are a variety of ways to work with influencer.

But, the one we recommend, is utilising the help, support, knowledge and expertise of an influencer marketing agency. With years of experience and a network of influencers that are easily contactable, an agency is the ideal way to team up with your dream influencer.

Not only that, but an agency will take care of the entire process for you, too. From contracts, to travel and all logistics, the process of working with a macro influencer and agency couldn’t be more seamless.

So, whatever your goal, mission or objective may be, a macro influencer will be sure to help you in a plethora of ways. From building brand love to generating brand awareness, macro influencers can create hugely successful influencer marketing campaigns.

Whether you’re looking for macro influencers on Instagram, YouTube or TikTok, we have a database that will allow you to find the perfect influencer for your brand.

If you’re a brand or influencer looking to work on impactful campaigns and collaborations, contact our team of experts today on 02039 580427 or email