The Best Ways to Use Influencer Marketing for Your Company

Maya Odedra
Influencer Executive
Influencer Marketing

There are many ways a brand can work with influencers – and the number of ways in which they can do so, is growing. It wasn’t long ago that influencer marketing was a choice of three: Instagram post, Facebook post or YouTube video.

Then came Reels, Stories, the rise of long-form video content and now, TikTok. As the ways to work with influencers has increased, so has market growth. This year, growth is expected to hit $13.8 billion, almost double that of two years ago.

This increase in growth proves the power, importance and success of influencer marketing campaigns. Nearly 90% of marketers found that ROI (return on investment) with influencer marketing was comparable or better than other marketing campaigns.

Indeed, the question marketers should ask is not ‘why brands should work with influencers?’ but ‘how should brands work with influencers?’, and social media influencer marketing is the way to do just that.

How to work with influencers

There are various in which brand can work with influencers. Social media provides a sea of opportunities, allowing brands and influencers to choose a platform that is right for them, their products and their campaign. Here, are just a few ways to work with influencers.

Why brands should work with influencers

Influencers offer a variety of benefits for brands seeking to work on an influencer campaign. From high levels of engagement and a large and loyal following, to being a more affordable yet beneficial option in comparison to that of something more mainstream and traditional.

Micro, macro and mega influencers have so much to offer, and here at Influencer Matchmaker, we can help brands find influencers that are best suited to them, helping them to achieve incredible results, whilst generating maximum ROI.

Instagram: the grid

Spend five minutes scrolling through Instagram and you’ll find an influencer marketing post. It’s popularity with marketers is due to three factors: high engagements rates, high rates of reaching new audiences and the prominence of lifestyle influencers.

The exponential growth of Instagram assures this new audience reach. 71% of its billion-plus monthly users are under the age of 25, and engagement rates are twice that of other social networks, with an average of 3.21%.

The vast number of lifestyle influencers on Instagram is helpful for business. It means finding an influencer whose personality, presentation style, delivery and talents correspond to your brand values, is highly likely.

And lifestyle influencers are not restrained by product and/or business type. A good example of this is Michelle Keegan who transitioned from soap actress to become one of the UK’s most followed lifestyle influencers, promoting a range of brands, from fashion,  travel  and fitness products.

Instagram influencer marketing is a no brainer for brands seeking to achieve ultimate success.

Instagram Reels

Instagram is one of our recommended ways to work with influencers for new and growing brands, but it is worth considering if its Reels option is specifically suited to your campaign.

Instagram Reels are best thought of as fast, fun, video content condensed into 60 seconds. Products that require a more detailed demonstration than a photograph can be presented more thoroughly with this feature.

For example, an entire clothing range can be worn and edited within a single Reel, beauty products can be applied tutorial-style and luxury packaging can be properly highlighted.

Instagram Reels

Instagram Stories

Instagram stories last only 24 hours, supplying an appealing USP (Unique Selling Point). Its brevity means it is used by Instagrammers to document their day. For business, this means a product can be integrated into an influencer’s daily routine in a way that seems entirely organic and natural.

In addition, one out of five Stories gets a direct message from viewers. If competitions and giveaways are part of your campaign, Instagram Stories supplies the desired sense of urgency to attract participants.

This interaction rate is also suited to the Polls and Q&A features of Stories, allowing a creative approach to your marketing – think variations on ‘which do you prefer, product A or product B?’ or ‘ask me anything about the brand new (product) drop’.

If you’re considering hosting a product launch event, inviting influencers to document it via Stories can create a sense of excitement, occasion and glamour.

Instagram Stories


A rapidly expanding platform, TikTok has attracted over 800 million users. It has replaced Snapchat in user numbers, and a quarter of its UK users aged between 15 and 25.

Calling itself the “destination for short-form mobile video” its advantages are similar to Instagram Reels, which was set up as a competitor to TikTok.

The key difference is the youth of its users, with teenagers worldwide increasingly using TikTok as their primary social platform.

This, of course, makes products aimed at that age group an obvious TikTok-friendly product. Brands can also use the platform to reposition products to a younger consumer, utilising trend-led ways to work with influencers.

An example of this is Burger King’s creation of the WhopperDance for their partnership with TikTok star Loren Gray.

Burger King understood that viral dances are central to TikTok’s popularity, and that creating one with Loren Gray assured high engagement rates.

It targets its desired consumer demographic, creating content suited to the platform, making TikTok a contender for effective influencer marketing campaigns.



Long-form video marketing on YouTube has benefited from the increase in internet speeds and mobile phone battery power. Almost anybody with a relatively new smartphone can now comfortably watch longer video content at their leisure.

YouTube influencer marketing is a thing - it attracts a niche audience in relation to other digital marketing platforms. Not in terms of numbers – it has around 2.29 billion users worldwide – but in relation to the type of audience.

Essentially, YouTube is a passive platform for the user. Not everybody consumes content to interact, like and comment. Although those features can be part of the user experience, the core YouTube audience is there to watch, listen, learn and to be entertained.

Considering 73% of gamers say they watch gaming content simply because they enjoy watching others play games, the genre of gamer content can stretch beyond two or three hours, attracting viewers in the millions.

And the right campaign is likely to focus on Millennials and Gen Z, who watch YouTube channels more than traditional television. The abundance of influencers, channels, and topics on YouTube means it is highly likely that your brand will find a direct match with your brand values, product and consumer demographics.

An influencer campaign with unboxing at its core is ideal for YouTube marketing. Over 90,000 people search for unboxing videos each month. In the same way that TikTok has adopted short, easy-to-learn dances, YouTube has given us a new content genre – the unboxing video, which has proved to be particular popular amongst gamers, technology fans and luxury fashion influencers.

Youtube Filming

Facebook posts

Do not dismiss the marketing power of Facebook, as a huge 66% of the UK population are Facebook users. Worldwide, 1.52 billion people log on daily, and 70% of people surveyed by CPC Strategy revealed that they hear about new products and services via the platform.

It is still one of the many ways to work with influencers. It does, though, have a different user profile than other social media platforms. Most of its regularly active users are over 25, meaning its core influencers are also older.

Businesses that are building an influencer campaign that targets adults, with products that have a specific appeal to older demographics, will find Facebook to be a productive marketing channel.

It’s USP is the versatility of the content it hosts. Videos, photos, text, blog posts and user generated content can all receive extremely high rates of engagement.


So, as you can see, there are a multitude of ways to work with influencers, and the opportunities are endless. What are you waiting for? Start your next influencer marketing campaign today.

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