2022 Influencer Marketing Trends

Amelia Neate
Senior Manager
Influencer marketing

Well, it is safe to say that 2021 was just as turbulent as 2020, however we must take the positives and run with them!

Whilst we all thought the pandemic would have been more than over and done with by now, things don’t always turn out the way we plan, but as an industry, we have adapted and come out the other side.

And, as of October 2021, the influencer marketing industry had more than doubled in size and was worth an impressive 13.8 billion US dollars, and we expect this exponential growth to continue throughout 2022 and beyond.

So, although things are continuing to change within the industry, we wanted to talk you through our predictions and trends for 2022.

Finding the right influencer

This may seem obvious, however finding the right influencer has never been more important than it is today.

We don’t mean simply finding an influencer who shares the same interest or has an impressive following – it is so much more than that. Although those things are vital, there are other factors to take into consideration that the consumer and audience are more interested in.

For example, an alignment of values is absolutely key. As well as the product, the ethos of a brand and its ethics and morals should align with those of the consumer. Even if the product fits the bill, the consumer will not make the all-important purchase if the brand doesn’t share the same view on the likes of sustainability, diversity and inclusion.

Sourcing the perfect influencer sounds like a relatively easy task, however, when you consider all of the factors, it is quite the opposite.

An influencer marketing agency on the other hand, can take care of it all on behalf of the brand. Tapping into company and consumer ethos, values and everything in between, an agency looks at the wider picture as opposed to just follower count and interest.

Getting this right is crucial to the success of an influencer marketing campaign.

Finding an Influencer

Diversity, representation and inclusion

Similarly to the above, representation will be key. Whether the consumer itself is being represented isn’t actually the issue – but the lack of diversity and inclusion amongst a wider audience, is.  

Even if the consumer feels included and represented, if they know of other potential consumers that are not, this will impact their purchasing decisions. Consumers as a whole want the entire consumer-base to be represented, and in the world of beauty, a few varying shades simply isn’t good enough – everybody needs to be, and must feel, represented and included when shopping.

The same goes for fashion. If a brand is lacking an inclusive size range, this will cause shoppers to look at other brands, and most probably, at your competitors.

So, if you’re a brand looking to work on influencer marketing campaigns, then ensure you are diverse, inclusive and representative.


Brand and influencer association

Another key thing to take into consideration is brand and influencer association. More often than not, both consumers and brands look for consistency. They want to know who is representing a brand and its products, and the way to do this is via long-term partnerships and brand ambassadorship.

Whilst one-off campaigns still prove to be successful, those of longevity are ever more popular. Brand and influencer association builds trust, and over time, consumers will begin to associate an influencer with a brand and vice versa.

Influencers become a part of the brand – a representative and ambassador, and eventually adopt the credibility and representation of the brand. And again, vice versa.

Brand and Influencer

A continued rise in audio and video content

Whilst we all love a picture-perfect feed, 2022 will see the rise of audio and video content continue.

Pictures speak a thousand words; however, they don’t quite do the same job as video or audio. And to prove this, even Instagram, a photo-sharing app, has turned its focus to video content.

Video and audio are simply more engaging – for longer periods of time, anyway. The opportunities for video and audio are limitless, and on Instagram alone, there are five ways to share and distribute video content, with the ability to use videos in more than five ways, including Stories, Reels, and IGTV. 

And on other apps and media platforms, there are podcasts, which rose to popularity during the first lockdown back in 2020, and we predict that this success will only continue.

Audio Content

Short form vs long form content

Both have their values, however more recently, social media users (and people in general) have become much more conscious of the ways in which they utilise their time.

With that in mind, people are seeking content that is easy to digest and is short, sharp and snappy.

Of course, there is still a space in the social sphere for longer content, such as vlogs and reviews, however when it comes to something branded or sponsored, the shorter, the better.

The proof is in the pudding with the likes of Instagram Reels and TikTok continuing to rise in popularity.

With TikTok having close to 700 million monthly active users, the video-sharing app kickstarted quick, witty and entertaining content – with Instagram soon following suit with Reels, giving TikTok  a friendly competitor.

The rise of nano, micro and macro influencers and authenticity

We all love the big-name celebs and influencers, however 2022 will be the year of the nano, micro and macro influencer.

These influencers are by no means ‘small’, and often, their rates of engagement and levels of authenticity are second to none.

And with consumers and social media users continuing to seek a connection with influencers that appear authentic and honest, nano, micro and macro influencers can provide exactly that.

Authenticity has been a key factor in influencer marketing since the industry began way back when, but now, it is more pivotal than ever before. Raw, behind the scenes footage is proving much more popular than a picture-perfect feed, and we urge brands and influencers to bear this in mind moving forwards.

Micro Influencer

Influencer marketing in 2022

All we can say is, alongside our predictions for this year, 2022 will be a year of continued success and growth for the industry.

As brands continue to see the value of influencer marketing, we will see more brands and businesses increase their budgets.

And until now, only 7% of marketers have never used influencer marketing – a gap we expect to bridge further throughout the next 12 months.

An influencer marketing agency is on hand to help both brands and influencers create successful campaigns and long-lasting partnerships to bring consumers and social media users exactly what they want, and how.

So, what type of influencer are you going to work with for your next campaign? 


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