Christmas is fast approaching, as is the season for gift giving... and lots of spending! This means it’s a great time for brands to push their marketing campaigns and gain as much traffic and as many sales as possible. 

Many shoppers favour the ease of online shopping, so perfecting your online marketing strategy for the festive period is something you should start thinking about now, with enough time before the season is over. 

Using influencers for marketing can be an extremely beneficial route for brands during the festive period, and in particular, parenting influencers can positively boost your marketing efforts. 

At such a family-focussed time of year, with parents looking to buy the perfect gifts for their children, the warmth and relatability of parenting influencers adds a personal touch to your campaign.

Read below to discover why your marketing efforts should align with Christmas, the benefits of parenting influencers, and some successful examples of Christmas campaigns... 

Why should you use parenting influencers for your Christmas social media campaign 

Christmas is the season for spending time with family, as well as being the season for endless gift giving. At a time so crucial for brands and their sales, marketing efforts couldn’t be more important.

Not only will using social media for your marketing help because 52% of consumers find inspiration from social media for gifts, but influencer marketing can also achieve a return on investment that’s 11 times higher than traditional digital marketing efforts. 

When looking at Christmas brand campaigns, it is key that efforts are made to break the noise of all the marketing campaigns that occur around Christmas time – but this is easier said than done. 

A good way to achieve this is through choosing the right influencer. If they already use your products and are a true advocate for your brand, then authenticity will naturally ooze out of their content and they will appear more genuine as a marketing tactic.

With it being a time that’s so exciting for children and families, parents are always working hard to make Christmas time extra special – and that’s where parenting influencers come in for your marketing campaigns.

Benefits of parent influencers for your influencer marketing strategy 

Influencers in general, and particularly parenting influencers during the festive period, can greatly boost your Christmas brand campaigns, and here’s why... 

They are relatable 

Parenting influencers can encompass the Christmas spirit, whilst maintaining realistic in terms of being practical and price appropriate, discussing the worries and struggles of parenting but providing positive advice and solutions. Especially in more difficult times, perhaps with less spending freedom, taking advice from like-minded parents will be welcome and sought-after during the festive period.

They appear trustworthy 

A key factor in what makes influencers so effective is their authenticity. Therefore, ensuring your campaigns appear genuine with the right influencers promoting your brand will massively boost the credibility of your marketing efforts. So, having parenting influencers share some ideal Christmas gift ideas with their followers will more positively reflect your brand.

They are cost-effective 

Marketing can often be a large proportion of your business’ outgoings, but adopting influencer marketing over more traditional approaches can significantly minimise your costs. You may be paying a flat fee for their posts, and whether they post images, videos, or stories, and on which app, can be tailored to your campaign and style of content. However you set up the arrangement, the return on investment can surpass that of traditional marketing efforts. 

Increased brand awareness 

Through parenting influencers sharing posts about your brand, your brand awareness will be increased. Not only this, but, with the right influencer, they will be targeting your desired audience, meaning your brand awareness will be maximised in the right places and for the right people. Influencers also know their audience well, with what type of content they prefer and what generates engagement, so your content will be more reflective of what your audience prefers, too.

Examples of Christmas campaigns with top parent influencers 

We have had some very successful and exciting collaborations with parenting influencers during the Christmas period.

Smyths Toys were looking to promote their advert with the Magic Star Oscar Campaign, with the goal of increasing brand awareness of the brand and of the song from the ad. We thought of no better influencer than former TOWIE star Dan Osborne, a dad of three.

He posted multiple Instagram stories, and even involved his children in the fun. He shared memories of childhood toys with his kids, and chatted with his followers about what toy they would choose to be. With swipe-up links and by using the brand’s Instagram filter, Dan positively boosted this brand campaign! 

We’ve also paired Nathan Massey, ex-Love Islander and dad of two, with Santa Knows Me. As a parenting influencer that shares lots of family pictures and videos all over his social media, he was a perfect choice to promote a Christmas gift ideal for little ones.

He shared an Instagram post featuring personalised letters for his son Freddie, and with a visual aid, a compelling caption and plenty of hashtags, Nathan delivered a strong social post for Santa Knows Me.

Image source: Instagram

Former Love Islanders Olivia and Alex Bowen have had their first child, and in the process they have both become successful, sought-after parenting influencers – who were already talented content creators.

They collaborated with Asda, which had partnered with Warner Bros Entertainment to release Elf products in their stores in time for Christmas – and for the return of everyone’s favourite Christmas film! Olivia and Alex created a video that showed them using all the products, from wearing the Elf pyjamas and drinking from the Elf cups, to simply enjoying a festive family evening with their son.

The power that parenting influencers have during the festive period is very beneficial for your marketing campaign, so start thinking about how you will promote your brand during the upcoming holidays! 

Are you looking to work with a parenting influencer? 

If you are looking for the perfect parenting influencer to help boost your Christmas brand campaigns, then look no further! At Influencer Matchmaker, we have collaborated with numerous parenting influencers, and have lots of experience in matching brands with the best suited influencer. Contact us today to find out more!