Christmas is fast-approaching, which means the festivities can soon begin! With colourful Christmas lights, lots of decorations, and tasty treats that make the season feel extra special, it’s time to put our aprons on and enjoy cooking traditional and new Christmas goodies. 

It’s also widely known that Christmas is the most profitable time of year for businesses, and influencer marketing is a key component of this. 

With the top UK food influencers posting heaps of festive content to put us all in the Christmas spirit, marketing techniques can greatly benefit from Christmas influencer campaigns that adopt food content. 

The benefits of food and drink influencers for social media Christmas campaigns can be highly rewarding, and at Influencer Matchmaker we have a wide selection to choose from!

Read on to find out more about the power of food influencers, what food campaigns have worked in the past, and how you can achieve a successful social media Christmas campaign...

The benefits of food influencers for your brand 

Food and drink influencers and celebrities can heavily increase the success of Christmas influencer campaigns. With their seasonal content and popularity over the holiday period, their content can thrive over Christmas.

B2C influencer marketing can generate impressive returns on investment – it can be 11 times more than traditional digital campaigns!

There are various factors that play into the success of influencers, highlighting why they are a perfect choice to drive your brand campaign to success. Here are some of the key benefits...

Their human nature 

The human element of influencers correlates with what audiences want – honest, authentic content. They find influencers more trustworthy and reliable, meaning taking their recommendations for products and brands is much more likely – as much as 84% of customers trust recommendations from friends and strangers over traditional marketing channels, so keeping in-line with the desire for genuine content is key.

Therefore, food influencers sharing recipes, food tips and tricks, and easy-to-follow tutorials have become a hit with followers, providing welcome inspiration in the form of reliable content for all foodie-fans!

The cost-efficiency 

Christmas is an expensive time for all, and spending heaps on marketing might be difficult for some businesses. However, investing on influencer campaigns can reap the rewards that your business needs without elaborate, extensive marketing plans.

Influencers can share content with their followers, and by choosing the right influencer you can reach your target audience – and niche influencers like food influencers can have a very specific audience who would be very interested in your products!

Social media is easily accessible 

Social media is used by most, if not all, providing access to billions of people across the world. If you’re looking to target a large amount of people in different locations, then using social media platforms is the obvious choice.

Therefore, influencers sharing content on their social media platforms provides brands with the ability to reach a large amount of people and potential customers on various platforms and through various types of content.

Previous food influencer collaborations with food brands at Christmas 

Last Christmas, popular food influencer Matt, known online as Daddy Cooks Food, had a successful partnership with Aldi to promote affordable Christmas food shopping.

The family-oriented influencer created an Instagram post that highlighted how difficult it can be for parents at Christmas time to juggle spending on gifts and Christmas food, amongst household bills and general expenses.

The tantalising imagery and the heart-felt caption really conveyed Aldi’s message, reaching Daddy Cooks Food’s 63k+ followers.

Other successful Christmas influencer campaigns have included popular food chain Pret A Manger’s TikTok campaign, with the hashtag #JoyWithPret. The aim was to ask customers ‘What brings you joy?’, receiving videos in response to the challenge.

The campaign featured popular TikTok stars like @grandadjoe1933, whose video with his granddaughter achieved a 7.7% engagement rate, and @shericebanton, whose video achieved a 5.9% engagement rate, amongst videos from @laurieelle and @ellis_atlantis.

The simple yet effective question allowed for easy engagement with followers, and it built up conversation and brand awareness in the run-up to Christmas.

Tips for your Christmas influencer campaign 

With the understanding and knowledge of why influencer marketing can be so beneficial for your brand, when creating your Christmas food campaign take care to remember important factors that can make or break a campaign...

Use hashtags 

Using a hashtag is an effective way to involve customers, as it is sharable and an easy trend to create a domino effect across a social media platform. Like the Pret A Manger campaign, it can generate large engagement, so an influencer using your hashtag with their content means it will be shared with their own following, and then progress from there.

Choose the right food influencer 

As mentioned, influencers have already established their own loyal and engaged following, and any content they share will be much more trusted than content that comes directly from a brand. Therefore, understand and discover your target audience, and find the necessary influencer, or niche influencer, to share your content. It may be beneficial to find an influencer marketing agency, such as us, to help you pinpoint the perfect influencer.

Decide on your content 

It may depend on where your target audience mostly resonates, such as whether they prefer using TikTok or Twitter, and thus whether you will require text, videos, or images. With food campaigns, it is beneficial to make it visual, preferably an easy-to-follow tutorial video. However, simple text with ingredients and measurements, as well as a compelling caption, can really elevate the material. Therefore, ensuring the influencer you choose is a well-established, talented content creator can determine the quality of your content, too.

How can Influencer Matchmaker pair you with the right food influencer this Christmas? 

With Christmas being the perfect time to share recipes and to find time to cook for friends and family, it is an ideal opportunity to invest in a Christmas food influencer campaign. Here is more information on food influencers for the festive period, and don’t hesitate to get in touch to discover a wide range of food influencers and get the best advice for your brand campaign.