Depop has brought a new type of fashion influencer to the fore. It combines the e-store aspect of eBay with Instagram’s social connectivity to create a platform unlike any other. And with an over 21 million users, it is a perfect marketplace to reach fashion-focused millennials.

This new platform looks to shake up the digital landscape like never before. Whilst Instagram is your friend showing you their new dress, Depop is a shop front window filled with the names of exciting fashion influencers. This mobile and social shopping app is the surest sign of the influencer evolution and brands would be hard pressed to find a better platform for success.

Where did it come from?

Depop was founded in 2011 by Simon Beckerman after working for PIG magazine in Italy. Initially a platform used to sell featured clothing from the Magazine, Depop grew into an entirely different beast.

Put simply, Depop provides its users with a mobile marketplace and has since attracted celebrities from around the world.

Now, any celebrities and high-profile social media influencers use the app to sell unwanted clothes, some of which are often designer, and choose to donate the profits to a charity close to their heart.

Now with offices in major world capitals, Depop has become a hub for fashion lovers and a new generation of influencers. So, here's our list of the ones to watch out for in 2021...

Sophia Tuxford

As a well-known fashion and lifestyle influencer and one-half of popular YouTube duo ‘Sophia and Cinzia’, Sophia Tuxford is not only taking Instagram and YouTube by storm, but Depop, too.

With 64,000 followers on the app, Sophia regularly updates her page with clothes and products that she no longer wears or uses and has sold over 1,200 items to date.

Cinzia Baylis-Zullo

The other half of ‘Sophia and Cinzia’, Cinzia Baylis-Zullo is recognised for her love of all thing’s fashion and lifestyle.

Often sharing her favourite outfits across social media, many of her followers are given the chance to buy some of her pre-loved pieces from the high-street. And Cinzia is just one of many social media influencers that is a regular user of the app.

Holly Laing

Popular across multiple social media platforms, Holly Laing is well-known for sharing her love of Depop on TikTok. From hilarious enquiries to who to follow and what she is selling, it is no wonder that Holly has almost 30 million likes on TikTok.

Holly uses her Depop page to sell everything from clothes and phone cases to jewellery and hair accessories.

Misha Grimes

As a well-known fashion influencer across social media, Misha has worked with a number of high-profile brands, so it is no surprise that Misha has racked up thousands of followers on Depop, too.

With a unique sense of style, Misha uses the platform to sell quality clothes and no doubt make room in her wardrobe for a new wave of clothing.

Tess Holliday

Tess Holliday is a world-renowned plus-size model and is an advocate for body positivity, self-acceptance and plus-size fashion.

A regular user of Depop with over 18,000 followers, Tess uses the platform to sell everything from clothes, gym-wear, handbags and accessories.

These names are a small sample of the vendors on Depop and users of the app, as well as brands have found inspiration in the rich, famous and influential.

Fashion icons and influencers like these have become the focus of not just fashion, but media at large and are the perfect faces to front your business.

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