The gaming industry seems to be constantly expanding and whether it’s a new games console, PC, mobile app or handheld device, there is always something new to get your hands on.

The video games market is expected to be worth over 90 billion dollars by 2020, and with the number of gaming products available to consumers continuing to increase, brands have taken to influencer marketing to aid in their journey to become market leaders.

Over the years, gaming influencers have taken the entire industry by storm, and they aren’t going anywhere any time soon. And, with the rise of platforms such as Twitch, the world’s largest streaming service for online games, the industry seems to be only getting bigger.

Twitch provides something that YouTube doesn’t, in the way that it allows the community to communicate and support their favourite creators in a more direct way. With over 1.3 million users on Twitch at any given point, it is no wonder that the gaming influencers mentioned throughout this post have taken so fondly to the platform. And we see it sticking around for quite some time, too…

Quite literally changing the game (pun intended!), gaming influencers are experts in their field and know exactly what they’re audience want, making them the perfect match for brands looking to raise awareness of their brand or even a new product.

Here are seven of the most popular gaming influencers around right now…


Image source: Instagram

Not only a professional gamer, DanTDM is a well-known author and YouTuber.

With over 20 million subscribers on YouTube, Dan began posting videos about Minecraft and sharing detailed game reviews back in 2012. Now, no longer focusing solely on Minecraft, Dan has ventured into other games such as Fortnite, Roblox and Rocket League which has proved extremely popular with his fans.

As well as game overviews, Dan regularly uploads game-play videos, taking viewers along for the ride.

Dan was named the World’s Highest-Paid YouTube Star of 2017 in Forbes Magazine, proving his popularity and expertise as a gaming influencer.

Continuing to gain popularity from gamers and brands alike, DanTDM is one of the best gaming influencers around.


Image source: Instagram

The name PewDiePie is one that many will recognise, whether a fan of video games or not, and for good reason, too.

As one of the original gaming influencers to grace the internet, PewDiePie helped shape the industry into what it is today.

Having won a number of awards throughout his time online, PewDiePie was famously listed in the World’s 100 Most Influential People by Time Magazine in 2016.

Well-known for his famous Let’s Play series, PewDiePie also shares hilarious gameplays and reaction videos, particularly within the action and horror genre.

 As one of the most famous faces within the industry, PewDiePie has worked with some huge household brands and has gone on to win a number of awards at the likes of the Streamy Awards and the Teen Choice Awards.


image source: Instagram

As one of the younger gaming influencers of the modern world, Fruity rose to fame as a viral kid influencer and has focused on the games industry.

With almost half a million subscribers on YouTube, Fruity is well-known for sharing videos about popular gaming titles including Rocket League and Fortnite. From lengthy gameplays, tutorials and playthroughs to gaming hacks, tips and tricks, Fruity has a lot to offer to both his audience and brands.

Engaging with his fans regularly online, Fruity is open to games-related discussions across his social media platforms, making him a popular gaming influencer for a varied audience. Although one of the younger gaming influencers around, Fruity has experience working with a variety of huge gaming brands, including Cartoon Network.


Image source: Instagram

Based in Ireland, Jack Septiceye is famous for his game reviews and Let’s Play style video content on YouTube.

After beginning his online journey by sharing playthrough style videos as well as game highlights, Jack’s subscriber count soon began to rack up and has now amassed over 20 million YouTube subscribers and over 10 billion views.

Proving popular amongst fellow gaming influencers including PewDiePie, Jack took his gaming expertise on the road with his How Did We Get Here tour.

Jack also signed a multi-year deal with the world’s leading live streaming platform, Twitch, making him a highly sought-after gaming influencer amongst both brands and viewers.


Image source: Instagram

Having entered the world of YouTube in 2012, MrBeast is now recognised as one of America’s most popular gaming influencers.

With content consisting of the classic Let’s Play style videos and live gameplay’s, MrBeast regularly plays a variety of popular video games, including Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto and the all-new Fall Guys.

Often turning his gaming-themed content into thrill-seeking challenges and adventures, MrBeast offers something different to his large and loyal following of over 33 million subscribers on YouTube alone.

Tom Cassell, aka Syndicate

Image source: Instagram

A global phenomenon, Syndicate is one of the most recognised gaming influencers in the world. Taking on the titles of vlogger, YouTuber and streamer, Tom dedicates his time to all things gaming. And, with almost 10 million subscribers on YouTube alone, Tom’s channel titled ‘TheSyndicateProject’ has become a one-stop-shop for fans of gaming, particularly for popular titles such as Halo, Call of Duty, Fortnite and Minecraft.

With a huge following on Twitch as well, Tom is a household name in the world of gaming. Taking his position of influence to a whole new level, Syndicate was the voice of Loki in the mobile app, Marvel Avengers Academy.

Recognised around the globe, Tom Cassell is the perfect match for brands looking to raise brand awareness or even to promote a new product or service. With years of experience working with some of the biggest names in the industry, Tom is a force to be reckoned with.


Image source: Instagram

Popular gaming influencer VanossGaming quickly rose to fame after his gaming commentary videos became a huge hit with his followers. Based in Canada, VanossGaming is now one of the most recognised names within the industry, for both fans of gaming and brands.

Creating fun and engaging content as well as collaborating with other well-known gaming influencers, VanossGaming has won a number of award nominations, including a Shorty Award – pretty impressive!

Playing co-operative games such as GTA Online, VanossGaming turns his videos into fun and exciting challengers for his fans to enjoy. His YouTube playlists such as Prop Hunt and Gmod have received millions of views, proving his popularity within the gaming industry.


Those are just a handful of our favourite and most popular gaming influencers around right now. Who’s your favourite? Let us know on Twitter and Instagram!

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