Over recent years, the entire population have been trying to make more conscious decisions to try and protect our planet as much as possible. After all, it has seen some serious damage and it’s down to us to fix it, right?

Big brands have been removing plastic from their products, using more recycled materials, and flying that green flag. And now, influencers are using their platforms to raise awareness of these issues, with some of them even taking matters into their own hands and creating their own sustainable brands.

With over six million photos using #sustainability on Instagram, it is an issue that is going to be sticking around until it’s solved, or at least drastically improved.

Here are five influencers that are doing their bit for the planet and making their mark on sustainability.

Grace Beverley

Image source: Instagram

We’ve spoken about Grace so many times on our blog, but she is just continuing to do such amazing things! Where do we even start?

Founder of TALA, Shreddy and B_ND, Grace is the definition of sustainability. With all products made from recycled materials or factory offcuts, TALA is an ethical and sustainable sportswear brand.

Premium gym equipment brand, B_ND, consists of sustainable resistance bands, ankle straps, barbell pads, lifting belts and protein jars.

All of the tags from TALA clothing can be planted to grow your very own plant. They’re all lined with different seeds to suit the season and it’s a complete surprise!

Grace takes her audience along for the ride with her, sharing all aspects other businesses and remaining completely transparent with the planet and her consumer’s needs at the forefront of everything she does.

Niomi Smart

Image source: Instagram

Niomi is one of the OG YouTubers and influencers and has also expressed her passion for living a sustainable lifestyle.

Well-known for shopping small, following a vegan diet and sharing her “conscious living journey”, Niomi is also a very successful business woman.

Keen to share her experiences with others and encouraging her audience to live life a little more sustainably, Niomi was a co-founder of Sourced Box, a subscription box filled with yummy, yet delicious vegan treats.

Now, Niomi is continuing to become an entrepreneur in the beauty industry. As the founder of Smart Skin, Niomi is launching her very own vegan, sustainable and completely natural skincare line. Launching soon, we are so excited to see the products and passion behind this brand-new project.

Bright Mama

Image source: Instagram

Ruth, or as she is better known online, Bright Mama is an advocate for simple and sustainable living.

Based in Brighton, Ruth saw a gap in the market for eco-friendly period products and founded bettercup. A relatively new discovery of the 21st century, bettercup is a reusable, sustainable menstrual cup.

With no need to use the endless amounts of disposable sanitary products that only end up in landfill and our oceans, bettercup is the perfect option and is not only better for the planet, but much better for our bodies, too.

Ruth uses her platform of Instagram to share some of her favourite sustainable brands, document how her and family live more sustainable lives and often gets involved in campaigns such as ‘Second-hand September’.

Marcus Butler

Image source: Instagram

Having always been passionate about sustainable living, Marcus Butler and a small group of others founded nu-in, a sustainable clothing brand.

Putting the planet before profit, nu-in¸ Marcus and his co-founders are proving to the fashion industry that it is possible to create collections that people love without impacting the planet.

Using recycled, organic and biodegradable materials, reducing C01 and using water saving technology, the brand is transparent in every area of their work.

Firm believers that “it shouldn’t cost the earth to save the Earth”, nu-in are also affordable. Truly at the top of their game, nu-in are taking over the sustainable fashion market and are making their mark on the industry.

Steph Elswood

Image source: Instagram

Steph Elswood is an online content creator, fitness influencer and entrepreneur. Putting her passion for sustainable living at the forefront of everything she does, Steph also follows a vegan lifestyle.

Having launched her very own vegan recipe e-book, Steph is on a one-woman-mission to encourage others to live more consciously.

But her entrepreneurship doesn’t stop there. Steph is also the founder of Sasstainable, creating sustainable and environmentally friendly products that are not only practical, but ethical, too.

Embracing this new way of living at home and on the go, Steph and her brand offer products such as bamboo cutlery and toothbrushes, eco-friendly snack sets and the newest addition of reusable silicone food pouches. Seeing a gap in the market, Steph has answered all of her consumer’s needs.


Now, there are so many ethical options for brands and consumers to choose from and these five influencers are proof of just that!

Influencers aren’t just working with brands, but they are creating their very own and working with influencers themselves. We are so excited to see where these brands and influencers end up and to watch them grow, continuing to make their mark on sustainability.

Who are your favourite sustainable influencers?

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