2019 was a groundbreaking year for Instagram posts from our favourite influencers and celebrities. If you’re an avid user of this popular social media platform, we’re sure you would have seen some viral photos circulating on the platform as well as selfies, stunning travel photos, mouth-watering food shots and inspiring fashion photos.

As with any year, we were also presented with trending topics and news stories that took the world by storm. From the first-ever image of a black hole being released to the birth of Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, as well as the rise of Greta Thunberg and the shocker that was Avengers: Endgame, we’ve certainly been given plenty of things to post about.

We thought we’d use the arrival of the new year to reflect on the top 20 most-liked Instagram photos right now. Warning: Kyle Jenner will certainly dominate the list, so prepare yourselves for plenty of fashion, beauty and baby pics!

1 - @worldrecordegg

54.1M+ Likes

Posted - 4th January 2019

Yes, somehow, the egg still holds the title as the most-liked Instagram picture EVER. After its initial posting last year, the egg has continued to accumulate thousands of likes and comments, making it a photo that’ll go down in the history of Instagram.

There’s something quite humbling about one little egg holding such a prestigious title. Keep on reading to find out what this egg gets up to next...

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2 - @kyliejenner

18.6M+ Likes

Posted - 6th February 2018

Naturally, Kylie Jenner holds the 2nd place title in this list. With 18.6 million likes and counting, Kylie Jenner’s first picture of her daughter, Stormi, is the second most-liked Instagram picture on the platform.

It's easy to see why. Not only is it an adorable picture, but it was shared by one of the most influential figures in the world of social media.

3 - @xxxtentacion

18.0M+ Likes

Posted - 19th May 2018

The devastating passing of American rapper and singer/songwriter, XXXTenaction, still affects the hearts of millions of fans around the world. Due to this, his final image has continued to gain thousands of likes as a way for fans to pay tribute and show their respect to the artist.

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4 - @tentree

15.7M+ Likes

Posted - 22nd April 2019

In an attempt to further improve their positive effect on the environment, Earth-first, lifestyle and apparel brand tentree made “The World's Most Sustainable Post”. The post informed users that for very milestone set of likes, a number of trees would be planted.

For example, for 5 million likes, they’d plant 500K trees. For 20 million likes, 1 million trees would be planted. This is a perfect example of brands using social media for a greater cause.

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5 - @jenniferaniston

15.5M+ Likes

Posted - 15th October 2019

With her epic arrival to the photo-sharing platform, Jennifer Aniston almost broke the internet with her photo featuring her Friends costars. It’s no secret that Jennifer Aniston is one of the most beloved celebrities of all time, so we aren’t surprised to see her sky-rocket up the list with her first-ever post.

The wholesome snap certainly got the recognition it deserves, with thousands of likes flooding in on the daily.

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6 - @therock

14.7M+ Likes

Posted - 19th August 2019

Snatching up 6th place is The Rock with his absolutely adorable post from his wedding day. Tying the knot with Lauren Hashian on the 18th August 2019 in the exotic settings of Hawaii, The Rock quickly took to Instagram to share his joy and happiness.

Both celebs looked stunning and full of love as they smiled for the camera, earning them a well-deserved position in this list!

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7 - @selenagomez

14.5M+ Likes

Posted - 11th February 2019

As the 5th most followed Instagram account, it's only natural to see Selena Gomez on the list. The post consisted of photos of Selena and her gal pals celebrating the recent engagement of one of their closest friends.

The group of women looked naturally beautiful as they snapped a selection of pictures on the beach. Total friendship goals!

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8 - @selenagomez

14.5M+ Likes

Posted - 26th July 2019

Two in a row! Selena’s picture of herself looking stunning in Florence bagged her another 14.5 million likes, earning this post the 8th position on the list. Not only does the singer look stunning as she poses for the camera, but she also keeps things light and humorous with her photo caption.

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9 - @kyliejenner

14M+ Likes

Posted - 10th September 2019

Ah Kylie, we were just waiting for you to show up again! Coming in at 9th position is Kylie’s photo with former boo and father to Stormi, Travis Scott. The glamorous model, beauty guru and influencer posed in the nude as she cuddled up to Travis, causing quite a stir in the comments section!

10 - @kyliejenner

13.7M+ Likes

Posted - 26th April 2019

Coming in at 10th place is, of course, another Kylie pic. This time it’s a photo of herself, Stormi and Travis, dressed up as popular Marvel characters as they celebrate the release of the Avengers: Endgame movie.

The trio look epic as they pose in front of a shiny, red Ferrari. Halloween 2020 costume ideas anyone?

11 - @kyliejenner

13.4M+ Likes

Posted - 6th December 2019

Whilst this next post is from Kylie’s Instagram account, it isn’t a selfie as you’d expect! Earning over 13 million likes from her loyal fanbase is a video of little Stormi showing off her skills on a snowboard.

We’re not sure how someone so young can balance on a snowboard so well and look effortlessly cool doing it... We can’t help but feel a little jealous.

12 - @justinbieber

13.4M+ Likes

Posted - 9th July 2018

What do you get when you add one of the most popular artists of all time with a world-renowned model? An Instagram photo with over 13 million likes, of course!

Justin’s heartfelt Instagram post sharing his engagement to model Hailey Baldwin gained millions of likes on Instagram, and it's clear to see why. The gorgeous black and white photos combined with the mushy caption make for a photo you just can’t help but love.

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13 - @kyliejenner

13.3M+ Likes

Posted - 30th April 2019

Kylie’s heartfelt birthday post for Travis Scott earnt 13.3 million likes on Instagram, earning it a spot as one of the most liked posts. The carousel of images consisted of adorable moments of their time together.

What’s not to love?

14 - @tomholland2013

13.3M+ Likes

Posted - 22nd August 2019

Welcome to the Most-Liked Club, Tom! Tom Holland earns himself 14th place with his selfies featuring Avenger’s co-star and world-famous actor, Robert Downey Jr. The pair look like two peas in a pod as they grin for the camera.

We’re getting serious bromance vibes from this post and we’re here for it.

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15 - @kyliejenner

13M+ Likes

Posted - 1st March 2018

With the first-ever public photo of her baby earning some of the most likes Instagram has ever seen, it's only likely that more photos of Stormi will do well on Kylie’s Insta feed. With that comes a celebratory post of Stormi reaching the tender age of 1 month.

The mother and baby duo look so snuggly as they pose for the camera outside of their family home.

16 - @kyliejenner

12.8M+ Likes

Posted - 27th October 2019

Next up is a post from, you guessed it, Kylie Jenner. It seems that Kylie’s daughter is stealing the limelight, as position 16 on the list goes to another post of baby Stormi with over 12 million likes.

This time, Stormi rocks a glamorous, purple outfit for Halloween 2019. The toddler certainly rocks the wig as she smiles and giggles for Kylie’s camera.

17 - @arianagrande

12.8M+ Likes

Posted - 8th September 2018

Ariana’s tribute to the late artist and record producer, Mac Miller, remains as one of the most-liked Instagram posts. With no caption and the comment section disabled, there was nothing but love for this post.

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18 - @cristiano

12.8M+ Likes

Posted - 24th December 2018

We love a good Christmas Instagram snap, and so do 12.8 million other Instagram users as they double-tapped this festive post of Cristiano Ronaldo and his family.

Posing in Santa hats and his children dressed in various adorable Christmas pyjamas, the world-famous footballer wished all of his followers a very Merry Christmas back in 2018.

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19 - @worldrecordegg

12.6M+ Likes

Posted - 18th January 2019

As if holding the top position as the most-liked photo of all time wasn’t enough, the Egg makes a comeback in 2019 with another popular post.

The picture consists of the well-known egg, however, there is a little crack forming. This was the first picture in a series of five, posted to raise awareness about the various pressures of social media and mental health, reminding users to speak to someone when things get a bit too much.

20 - @selenagomez

12.2M+ Likes

Posted - 5th April 2019

Finally on our list of the most-liked Instagram photos is a humble, simple selfie from none other than Selena Gomez. The beloved singer and songwriter looks effortlessly beautiful as she snaps a quick selfie in a warm, afternoon glow.

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