There is no denying that social media has opened the doors to a wide range of opportunities, with Instagram, in particular, giving people the freedom to address issues such as race, inequality, disability, gender, and body size. 

Over recent years, body positivity has been a huge trend and fortunately, many celebrities and influencers have chosen to use their high-flying social media status to bring attention to, and support, the idea of embracing natural beauty in all shapes and sizes. 

As a result, we have seen the rise of many impactful plus-size influencers who are showing the world that curves are sexy, powerful and something to desire.

Filling our feeds with hundreds of fun and inspiring snaps, these ladies are helping to transform the way we look at our bodies and most importantly, how businesses choose to market their brands. 

With this new wave of influencer, brands are taking the opportunity to become much more diverse when it comes to brand and marketing campaigns. 

So, who are these influential women? Here are five of our favourite plus-sized influencers that we think you should be following on Instagram... 

Chloe in Curve 

Fashion is the ultimate passion for this influencer, and style, with a sprinkling of sass, is something Chloe Elliot has bags of. 

Founder of the blog Chloe in Curve, Chloe was named 2018 ‘Fashion Influencer of the Year’ at the Blogosphere Awards and is flying the flag for women around the world.

Believing that all women should be able to experiment and enjoy fashion, Chloe uses her Instagram feed to give her 88,000 followers an insight into the latest trends from the high street with the occasional designer item making an appearance along the way. 

As well as giving us all some very welcome fashion inspiration, Chloe also tackles much more important issues such as body shaming, anxiety, and body confidence across her social media channels. 

Image Source: Instagram

Callie Thorpe 

Callie first rose to internet fame when she created her blog, From the corners of the curve, which is now self-titled.

Both her blog and Instagram feed are places of true positivity and inspiration. Callie uses her social media platforms to share her passion for plus-size fashion, makeup, and food. However, Callie is also recognised for being an advocate for body positivity and female empowerment.

Continuing to use her social media channels for the greater good, and further empowering women whilst championing body confidence, Callie is the founder of The Confidence Corner, a membership destination for plus-size women.

Image source: Instagram

Tess Holliday

Tess Holliday is a popular influencer but is also recognised for her work as an American plus-size model, activist, and makeup artist

Although much of her Instagram feed is filled with lifestyle snaps, Tess is well-known for being a body-positive activist and, after leaving her day job in 2014, she began to pursue a career as a full-time model. 

Throughout her career as a model, Tess has been the face of several global campaigns and fronted the cover of Cosmopolitan UK in 2018 to discuss a variety of important topics, including the #metoo movement, diversity, and self-confidence. 

And, to continue her passions and work as an activist for body positivity, Tess founded EffYourBeautyStandards in 2013 in a bid to raise awareness of the lack of diversity in the industry as well to help others feel comfortable in their bodies.

Image source: Instagram

Louise Pentland

As one of the people that helped shaped the influencer marketing industry, Louise Pentland began her career as a social media influencer when she started her blog, Sprinkle of Glitter, in 2009. 

Since then, Louise’s online career has gone from strength to strength, and she now shares everything from parenting, beauty, and lifestyle to plus size fashion.

Renowned for her humorous ways and infectious, bubbly, and positive approach, Louise uses her social media platforms to share plus size fashion tips and advice, as well as encouraging body positivity and confidence whilst documenting the ups and downs that may go along with it, too. 

From floaty florals to second-hand fashion, Louise shares it all and everything in between to both Instagram and YouTube. 

Image source: Instagram

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