Influencers are continuing to take over online space and proving just how powerful they are. Over time, social media influencers have been combining more traditional skill sets with social media and the Internet, which has since become the ultimate powerhouse combination.

From gym-fanatics becoming well-known health and fitness influencers to fashion lovers turning their passion into an online career, it has opened many doors for people around the world. 

The beauty industry is bigger than ever before, and is continuing to grow. In 2017, the global beauty industry was worth $465bn and is predicted to be worth an estimated $750bn by 2024 - impressive, huh? 

So with that in mind, we’re going to take a look at some of the most successful YouTube makeup artists turned influencers. 

Sam and Nic Chapman

Image source: Instagram

Sam and Nic Chapman worked as professional makeup artists, working for the likes of MAC and painting the faces of many celebrities. The pair shared their skills online, uploading to YouTube and amassing millions of loyal followers.

The sister duo truly kick-started the change from makeup artists to influencers, helping to shape the entire influencer marketing industry, whilst making the beauty industry what it is today. And although they are now taking a step back from their online careers and platforms, we couldn’t start this blog without mentioning the two women who made it possible! 

Jamie Genevieve 

Image source: Instagram

Having found a passion in makeup and beauty, Jamie’s name is one that is continuing to grow in popularity within the industry, and for good reason, too. 

Based in Glasgow, Jamie began her career in beauty as a makeup artist, working on popular beauty counters. During this time, she regularly posted her own makeup looks to her social media channels, which in turn, led to her followers travelling to get their makeup done by her.

After some time, Jamie’s follower count continued to soar and was even invited on her very first press trip, which is when she decided to focus her attention on combining her love and talent for makeup artistry, with the Internet.

And although a big step, it was most definitely one that paid off. As now, Jamie is one of the biggest names in the industry, with a limited-edition MAC lipstick named after her, as well as her very own makeup collection. Vieve is a brand created from Jamie’s passion for makeup artistry and the positive impact she believes makeup can have. 

Now, with over 1.4 million followers on Instagram alone, Jamie is a force to be reckoned with and we can’t wait to see where her career takes her next! 

Manny MUA 

Image source: Instagram

Having worked in the likes of Sephora and MAC, Manny MUA is well-known for being a YouTube makeup artist.

Since creating his YouTube channel in 2014, Manny regularly uploads detailed makeup looks, tutorials and shares his top tips. Using his knowledge and expertise from his time as a makeup artist, Manny has taken his skills online, creating an all-new career for himself. 

Making history, Manny became the first male brand ambassador for Maybelline, proving his popularity and influential power online. And throughout his extremely successful career, Manny MUA has worked with global beauty brands and has even launched his own cosmetics brand, Lunar Beauty. 

Katie Jane Hughes 

Image source: Instagram

Passionate about the transformative power that makeup has, Katie Jane Hughes has set the bar when it comes to creativity.

Keen to demonstrate there is more than one way to do your makeup, Katie used her experience of being a makeup artist and began taking to Instagram to share crisp editorial shots that we would usually see within a glossy magazine.

It didn’t take long for Katie to establish a rather hefty following, with a popular Instagram account and YouTube channel, soon becoming one of the most popular YouTube makeup artists around. 

With an impressive client base of both global brands and A-List celebrities, including the likes of Rosie Huntington Whitley and Glossier, it is no surprise that Katie has seen such huge success. 

Jeffree Star 

Image source: Instagram

As one of the most popular faces within the online beauty industry, Jeffree Star is a beauty influencer and entrepreneur.

Having worked as an MUA on the set of a number of films, Jeffree has an incredible set of skills when it comes to makeup and beauty and has gone on to make quite an impact on the industry. 

As the founder of Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Jeffree combined his passions for beauty, business and social media, sharing his latest ventures with his millions of followers as well as providing fans with detailed tutorials and advice.

Recognised as one of the most famous YouTube makeup artists around, Jeffree demonstrates the fun and creativity in makeup. 

Nikkie Tutorials 

Image source: Instagram

Nikkie de Jager, or as she is known online, Nikkie Tutorials is a YouTube makeup artist and rose to fame after demonstrating the true power of makeup.

Unlike the others in this post, Nikkie’s career happened the other way around. After finding herself inspired by makeup, she took to YouTube to share her own tutorials before enrolling in a course in makeup artistry two years later and began to work as a professional makeup artist.

After spending some time working as a freelance hair and makeup artist, Nikkie went on to work as a Global Beauty Advisor for Marc Jacobs and has also launched her own makeup products with Beauty Bay. Now, Nikkie continues to share detailed tutorials, product reviews and fun makeup challenges! 

With over 1.4 billion views on her YouTube channel alone, it is clear that Nikkie is one of the most successful YouTube makeup artists of our time. 

Huda Kattan 

Image source: Instagram

Forming an empire through her efforts as an entrepreneur and beauty enthusiast, Huda Kattan has become one of the most-loved YouTube makeup artists of our generation. 

And, after moving to Los Angeles to study makeup, Huda worked as a makeup artist for global brands and worked with some of the most famous faces in the industry. 

It wasn’t long before Huda created her very own blog to share her knowledge and expertise, before gaining popularity across Instagram. And after gaining momentum online, Huda launched Huda Beauty which is continuing to take the beauty industry by storm. 

So not only is Huda a YouTube makeup artist, but an incredible business woman, too! 

Jaclyn Hill 

Image source: Instagram

Having worked at MAC and spending time working as a freelance makeup artist, Jaclyn Hill decided to put her passions online.

Creating her YouTube channel in 2011, Jaclyn became known for her celebrity makeup tutorials, including videos with Kim Kardashian. 

Since establishing a hugely successful career as a social media influencer and YouTube makeup artist, Jaclyn has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry and continues to share makeup tutorials, product reviews and has even launched her very own brand, Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics. 

Makeup by Ariel

Image source: Instagram

Ariel Tejada is best known for being the makeup artist of Kylie Jenner and caught his big break at the young age of 19!

After Kylie reached out to Ariel, his career as a YouTube makeup artist has continued to go from strength to strength. And since flying out L.A. to work with Kylie, the pair have worked together regularly ever since.

As a celebrity makeup artist, Ariel has taken to social media to showcase his impressive skills as a makeup artist and regularly shares images and videos of his creations on Instagram, taking on the role of an influencer himself.

Jade Marie 

Image source: Instagram

Jade Marie, also known online as JadeyWadey180, is a skincare expert and makeup artist with more than a decade of experience.

Using her years of industry knowledge, Jade took to social media platforms Instagram and YouTube to demonstrate her skills and creativity.

And over the years, Jade has built up an online empire, amassing almost two million followers and has ventured into other aspects of the beauty and wellbeing industry, including working as a holistic medical aesthetician.

Now, Jade uses her platforms to share detailed videos and tutorials, making a name for herself as a YouTube makeup artist and skincare expert. 

Wow - what a list! And that is just a small snippet and insight into the most successful YouTube makeup artists turned influencers. 

With the beauty industry continuing to grow, we expect to see a rise in the number of makeup artists combining their passions with social media and becoming influencers. 

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