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About Huda Beauty...

Huda Kattan has formed an empire of fans who have followed her every step towards entrepreneurial success within the beauty industry. Being both founder and CEO of her own cosmetics line, Huda Beauty, she has transformed the world of beauty and make-up step by step throughout her journey.

Huda’s journey began in Oklahoma, United States. Being from an Iraqi heritage, her family’s migration to the US proved difficult for the little girl who confessed her struggles with feeling and looking different in school amongst her peers. However, Huda managed to channel this struggle into something positive. After taking an interest in makeup, she decided to “embrace being weird” in pursuing her passions for beauty, as confessed to Forbes.

Before becoming one of the world’s biggest business moguls, Huda decided to expand her educational interests and graduated with a degree in finance at the University of Michigan. Working for top global human resource consulting firm Robert Half, Huda established her career at an early age as a finance consultant. Her passion for beauty, however, was still alive. Soon, she decided to leave her job and pursue her love for makeup professionally by starting her own blog wherein she posted beauty tips and DIY tricks.

Shortly after the blog went live, it wasn’t long before Huda’s popularity soared to new heights. As her following increased throughout multiple social media platforms, she became one of the biggest beauty influencers in the world. In 2013, she used her entrepreneurial eye to spot a gap in the market and launch her own business, Huda Beauty. Starting with high-quality eyelash products, her first product was released through Sephora and quickly became a huge success - even making its way into the hands of Kim Kardashian. Following the demand for her products, she then expanded her product range and went on to produce eyeshadow palettes, liquid lipsticks, lip liners, highlighter palettes, foundations, concealers and liquid eyeshadows.

Today, Huda Beauty is nothing short of an empire. 140 products now fall under the Huda Beauty name, the business is valued at $1 billion and the collection is available in 1500 stores globally. What’s more, Huda’s social media profile has soared, with followers reaching millions across social media. As a popular beauty influencer, her social media platforms were initially just space for Huda to showcase makeup tutorials and draw in new clients in Dubai. This quickly turned into a huge hit with fans, but nine years on, Huda Beauty remains the most read beauty blog on the whole of the internet. Huda has also recently launched her very own vegan skincare range, Wishful Skin enabling her to broaden her reach even futher. 

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