We are well into 2020 and I’m sure we’ve all had the mother of all clear outs, but how many of you have actually given your makeup and skincare stash a good ol’ refresh? Not sure where to start or what new products you desperately need to try out? Fear not - we’ve got you covered.

We know just how overwhelming the beauty industry can be, especially if you’re new to the world of skincare and makeup. With so many product releases and beauty bloggers out there sharing their must-have products, we thought we’d make things that little bit easier. So, we’ve done all the hard work for you.

From the OG’s to our holy-grails, here are the top beauty bloggers we turn to when we need some advice, a well-informed product review or someone to tell us to put down the wipes - Caroline, we’re looking at you!

1. Caroline Hirons

We couldn’t compile a list of some of our faves without the Queen herself taking the top spot.

Caroline Hirons is one of the UK’s leading skincare and beauty bloggers and with good reason, too! As a qualified aesthetician, facialist and brand consultant, she knows all there is to know about skincare. With a blog and YouTube channel dedicated to providing both men and women around the world with all of the skincare information they will ever need, Caroline shares product reviews, AM and PM routines as well as informative brand overviews.

If that wasn’t enough, Caroline is also releasing her own book which can only be described as a skincare bible. Also well-known within celebrity circles, Queen C often features on This Morning, showing viewers exactly how to up their skincare game. Got a skincare query? You’ll find the answer on Caroline’s blog and social channels.

2. The Sunday Girl

The Sunday Girl is a website run by Adrienne Söndag dedicated to all things beauty.

Although the blog has been going for almost a decade, some things have changed. However, Adrienne’s love for makeup and skincare has not.

With beautifully directed pictures of beauty products, The Sunday Girl is a great destination for informative yet aesthetically pleasing content. Sharing detailed product reviews and discussing exciting new makeup launches with her followers, Adrienne also shares beauty tips, tricks and hacks with her loyal fanbase.

3. British Beauty Blogger

After beginning her career as a writer for the print and digital media industry, Jane Cunningham traded newspapers for blog posts. This was when British Beauty Blogger was born.

With years of experience within both media and the beauty industry, Jane has a wealth of knowledge that makes her the perfect beauty blogger. Jane’s website is the ultimate destination when it comes to all things makeup and skincare - from detailed product reviews to exciting new launches, dupes and even brand overviews.

Jane’s Instagram is also filled with artsy product shots and useful video demonstrations.

4. Hello October

Suzi Bonaldi is the face behind ’Hello October’ - a blog and YouTube channel dedicated to lifestylefashion and beauty.

Suzi takes to her blog, as well as her social media channels, to share a variety of beauty-related content. From day to night skincare routines to organising her beauty products and sharing her most-used makeup products of the year, Suzi really does cover it all.

Suzi also provides the details of her tanning routine and offers her followers an insight into exactly how she does her makeup to look so effortlessly gorge and glowy.

5. Beth Sandland

Recognised for her outstanding photography skills that are displayed on her website and across social media, Beth Sandland has become one of the most popular beauty influencers online.

Sharing her love of makeup and skincare, Beth takes to her self-titled blog, Beth Sandland, to share her current makeup favourites and product reviews. She also documents her experiences of a variety of beauty and skincare treatments including microblading and microdermabrasion.

Sharing stunning shots and flat-lays of products, Beth’s Instagram is definitely one to swoon over and will soon have you filling up your online shopping bag of cult beauty products.

6. The Anna Edit

As one of the OG beauty bloggers, Anna Newton created The Anna Edit (formally known as Vivianna Does Makeup), to document her love of beauty.

Now venturing into the online world of lifestylefashion and interior design, it was beauty that truly stole her heart; leading to the creation of her blog and YouTube channel.

Almost a decade on, Anna is still one of the most-sought after beauty bloggers online. She shares everything from quick and simple five-minute makeup routines to how to pack up your skincare routine for a trip overseas, as well as discussing some of the best beauty investments she has ever made. If you’re looking for simple, classic and no-nonsense beauty advice, Anna is your girl!

7. Jodie Melissa

After experimenting with a few different ‘beauty blogs’ in her early teens, Jodie decided to make the jump and become a fully-fledged beauty blogger - and an extremely good one at that!

With engaging and informative content on both her self-titled blog and Instagram feed, Jodie is continuing to grow her loyal following and is fast becoming one of the most popular beauty bloggers online. Sharing detailed reviews of both beauty products and treatments, seasonal makeup picks and showing off her impressive makeup collection, Jodie and her brand are relatable and authentic.

Having worked with some of the UK’s biggest beauty brands, it was only natural that Jodie made it onto our list of fave beauty bloggers!

8. Hannah Gale

From journo to blogger, Hannah Gale is a popular UK lifestyle and beauty blogger. Having owned her website domain since her uni days, Hannah decided she wanted to create content for herself and her own site as opposed for others. Therefore, she ventured into the world of blogging and hasn’t looked back since!

As well as posting about lifestyle and the odd post on parenting, Hannah shares her love for all things beauty - makeup, skincare and everything in between. From discussing her favourite products of the year, sharing the deets on her current skincare routine, filming beauty hauls and writing first impression posts, Hannah’s blog and socials are a one-stop-shop for all your beauty needs.

With cute flat-lays and lifestyle shots, it is no wonder that she has such a large and loyal following!

9. Amelia Liana

Amelia Liana is one of the most well-known beauty influencers in the world and we can see why!

With access to a global audience, she takes to her self-titled blog and YouTube channel to share a range of engaging beauty-related content. Sharing her favourite beauty bargains on occasions such as Black Friday and festive gift guides, Amelia also shows off her flawless skin. Don’t worry, she always demonstrates exactly how she achieves her finished look!

As well as all of that, Amelia often shares her top picks from brands such as Kiehl’s, and showcases her seasonal beauty essentials. All of this has led to Amelia having huge success within the industry and working with some of the world’s most well-known brands.

10. Gemma Louise

Last, but by no means least, I’m sure most of you have heard of Gemma Louise as she has been floating around social media for quite some time now.

Recognised for her work as a beauty blogger and photographer, Gemma has gone from strength to strength whilst building an incredibly supportive community at the same time. As well as sharing lifestyle and parenting content, Gemma posts about all things beauty - from Christmas gift guides to seasonal makeup looks and skincare routines, Gemma has become a popular beauty guru.

Gemma is continuing to collaborate with some of the biggest names in the beauty industry, working her way to the very top!

So, there you have it - our top 10 beauty bloggers. Who are your go-to bloggers when you’re after some tips, tricks and beauty advice? Let us know on Twitter or Instagram!

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