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About Tammy Hembrow...

Having risen to fame as one of Australia’s most well-known social media stars, Tammy Hembrow has had a major impact in the world of beauty, lifestyle and fitness influencers. Adored by millions of fans across the globe, Tammy has turned her work as a social media influencer into her very own business empire.

Tammy documented her fitness journey from an early stage, enabling followers to check in with her progress on Instagram. When she became pregnant, she continued to document the highs and lows of her pregnancy, picking up scores of followers along the way. Her passion for fitness played an important role even after her pregnancy, inspiring women to pursue fitness and nutrition post-pregnancy. In doing so, she quickly established herself as a role model, motivating women around the world to maintain a positive and consistent fitness routine.

Given the popularity of her fitness routines, it wasn't long before Tammy developed her very own fitness app - TammyFit. Offering a one-stop fitness solution that brings together the best in fitness tutorials and nutrition, Tammy has helped countless followers to push their limits and step out of their comfort zone. In doing so, Tammy hopes to inspire fitness enthusiasts around the world to look and feel their best.

Tammy's vision has also stood her in good stead as the creator of the Saski Collection - a range of luxury athleisure clothing. Combining design and functionality in equal measure, her range has proven to be popular with fitness and fashion lovers alike.

Tammy's YouTube channel offers a range of content designed to keep her fan base entertained. Aside from creating makeup tutorials, clothing hauls, challenges and workout vlogs, Tammy also offers an inside look into her own lifestyle. Taking viewers along with her on family trips, photoshoots and international travels, Tammy is able to connect with her audience in an open and honest way. In addition, Tammy has also shared her preferences in the form of product reviews, providing useful advice for those looking to gain a more in-depth understanding of the various elements that make up the fitness world.

She has attracted a string of sponsorship opportunities, taking part in several influencer marketing campaigns. Over the course of her career, she has teamed up with brands such as Teami Blends and Protein World, helping to raise their public profile and strengthen their commercial success.

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