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Someone’s Mum is a parenting blog dedicated to helping the parents and guardians out there who are seeking a little inspiration when living life alongside their little ones. Run by well-known mummy blogger Danielle Duggins, Someone’s Mum is a great source for parenting tips and advice on a variety of topics surrounding family life. From sharing her content across social media, Danielle now has a strong online following and is one of the most promising parenting influencers around today.

Someone’s Mum is also wife to Daddy Cooks Food, an Instagram page run by husband and amateur chef Matt, who shares family-friendly recipes throughout his social media channels. The pair became food influencers as well as parenting influencers when collaborating with a variety of brands through blog posts as well as sponsored social media content. Collaborating with the likes of HelloFresh and BirdsEye, she writes blog posts giving product reviews and endorsing the brand. Aside from blog posts and reviews, her collaborative work also takes form in social media advertising, freelance article writing, brand representation and more. She has partnered with the likes of Johnson’s Baby, Innocent, Oreo and more.

Danielle is well-versed in the world of parenting and balancing family life with her career. As a result, she has been nominated for multiple awards for her influence as a top parenting blogger, including awards in the BAPs, BritMums BiBs, as well as winning Blogosphere Parenting Blogger of the Year in 2017.

Not only is Danielle one of the UK’s leading parenting bloggers, but she is also a well-known advocate for neurodiversity. Having a little boy with autism has taught the mother of two a lot about neurological conditions and she is eager to share her insight to the public. Topics like this can often be taboo and difficult to approach by parents who are new to this phenomena, and thus the blog acts as an essential platform for top tips and know-hows for parents and families with autistic children. Tackling the prejudice towards autistic individuals and encouraging the possibilities of a fabulous family life within a neurodiverse family, Danielle writes blog posts such as ‘12 Things I Have Learnt Since My First Autism Awareness Day’, ‘Tips For Planning Day Trips With Autistic Children’ and ‘Stuttering and Autism’, wherein she offers her knowledge of neurodiversity and experience of raising an autistic child, offering guidance to her readers.

Alongside sharing her parenting tips, she offers a wide range of blog topics from cooking tips and tutorials to children’s games, crafts and gift ideas. Sharing an array of recipes on both her blog and her husband’s platforms, she incorporates both traditional, family-friendly meal ideas as well as catering to various diets with her ‘Gluten-Free Crispy Cake Recipe’ and ‘Low-Fat Butternut Squash And Banana Muffins – Weight Watchers Flex Recipes’. Keeping up with the popular trends within the kids gaming world, she posts blogs such as ‘Best Minecraft Games For Kids’, becoming an influential guide for parents who may have little to no clue on gaming culture.

Along with a dedicated fan base of mothers, fathers and families, Danielle’s success as a parenting blogger has been noticed by Times Educational Supplement, Autism, The National Autistic Society, as well as being Mumsnet Blog of the Day on several occasions. On top of this, she was also a winner in Good to Know’s BISS competition.

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