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About Simon Lycett...

Simon Lycett is not just a name but a brand synonymous with floral artistry and imaginative design that has captivated audiences both in the UK and internationally. Established in 1993, Simon J Lycett Ltd began its journey with modest roots and has since blossomed into one of the UK's most distinguished and sought-after names in the floral industry. This remarkable journey from humble beginnings to becoming a beacon of excellence in floral decoration underscores the passion, creativity, and relentless pursuit of innovation that Simon and his team embody.

The dynamic team at Simon J Lycett Ltd specialises in creating fabulous floral decorations for a variety of events, from intimate parties to grandiose weddings worldwide. What sets Simon Lycett apart is not just his skilful artistry but his unique ability to push the boundaries of traditional floral design. With an imaginative approach and a keen desire to innovate, Simon and his team produce sensational designs that consistently deliver the wow factor, securing their status as Britain's finest florists.

Simon's journey into the world of floristry began at the tender age of seven, during a visit to a local flower show with his mother. It was there that he experienced a profound spark of inspiration that would shape his future career. Raised in Warwick, Simon's lifelong fascination with flowers has driven him to create not just arrangements, but dreams and magical settings where the impossible becomes possible. His philosophy is one where the words "can't do" simply do not exist.

Operating from a spacious base in South London, housed within three vast railway arches, Simon J Lycett Ltd offers a behind-the-scenes look into the world of luxury floral design. Clients are invited to meet Simon and his brilliant team, discuss their events, and watch their visions come to life through sample arrangements. As an accredited supplier to London's top venues and one of the only two cross-palace suppliers for The Historic Royal Palaces, Simon Lycett's reputation for excellence is unmatched. His work not only represents the pinnacle of floral design but also highlights his influence as a leading figure in the industry and a talented social media influencer who inspires others to pursue their passions.

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