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About Niko Omilana...

Niko is an English Influencer, born and raised in Staffordshire. Specialising in all things lifestyle and entertainment, Niko regularly uploads videos to YouTube, as well as posting on his Instagram account.

Well-known for his comedic style videos, pranks and public experiment-style videos, Niko has attracted a following of thousands of people. He is also the founder of the NDL Movement (Niko Defence League).

Before skyrocketing to fame on the YouTube platform, Niko was a former member of Buzzfeed. Now, Niko is part of the Beta Squad Series on YouTube, which sees him taking part in various videos with other creators.

Niko’s videos see impressive levels of exposure, amassing thousands of views with every upload. One of his most popular videos uploaded to his channel was a parody of the Drake and Future song "Jumpman", earning him one million views and counting.

Niko made headlines in November after pulling off one of his biggest stunts yet. Sneaking into the KSI vs Logan Paul boxing match, Niko was able to sneak into the ring, making this daring stunt a success and earning him the respect of fellow YouTubers around the globe.

Due to his status as a social media star, he is able to collaborate with top-level celebrities in his videos. This includes making prank videos with models, as well as featuring UK rapper Stormzy in his "Cringe Grime Kids" video.

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