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Neil, or as he is more commonly known by his YouTube channel and Instagram name Travels With A Kilt, is a Scottish travel blogger. Neil likes to travel the world to broaden his horizons and open his eyes to a wider culture, sharing his adventures with his loyal followers.

After assuming he’d spend his life working away in a busy office, Neil took the executive decision to leap into travelling. From there, he has travelled all around the world to some of the most exciting and exotic locations the world has to offer.

Using his YouTube channel, Instagram account and blog to share his personal experiences of the countries he visits, Neil paints an accurate picture of the many wonderful places he has travelled to. By doing so, he inspires hundreds to pack up their bags and travel to somewhere new.

Focusing on the places that aren’t overly saturated and promoted, Neil strives to raise awareness for some of the more remote destinations, making his travel blog one of the most interesting ones to read.

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