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About Mia Maples...

Originally posting under the handle Ivorygirl48, Mia began creating a variety of videos that featured makeup tutorials, product reviews and pranks.

With her bubbly and cheerful chat, Mia’s fashion and beauty YouTube videos found a huge audience who love her fashion style and savvy shopping advice. Mia often uses affordable, easy-to-attain products, reviewing and selecting items that are both fashion-forward and affordable.

Mia’s knowledge of beauty has seen fans continually revisit her early posts, and they still attract huge numbers and new comments today. Her fashion hauls have proven equally popular, with Mia styling out everything from school clothing to high street try-ons, presented with Mia’s unique personality. 

Over on Instagram, Mia offers followers the chance to snap-up her own merch, with her chic, slogan emblazoned sweater drops often selling out within hours.

Mia’s travels have taken her to some of the planets most luxurious locations, from Hawaiian beaches to the lush lavender fields of Provence.

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