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Lidia Bayliss-Zullo


About Lidia Bayliss-Zullo...

Lidia Bayliss-Zullo is a popular social media influencer on photo-sharing app Instagram. 

With a passion for all thing’s fashion and style, Lidia’s Instagram feed is full of artistic OOTD’s, outfit shots and selfies. With a popular YouTube channel to go alongside of her other social media platforms, Lidia also posts clothing hauls and try-on style videos. 

Lidia also documents many aspects of her life on both Instagram and YouTube, by sharing daily vlogs and life updates such as going to university. 

An avid traveller, Lidia also spends much of her time travelling and seeing the world. Destinations have included the Amalfi Coast, LA and Barcelona, often sharing fun snaps and videos from each trip. 

Lidia’s sister is fellow content-creator Cinzia Baylis-Zullo and they often feature on each other’s social media feeds. 

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