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About Lauren Giraldo...

Lauren Giraldo is a well-known American actress and social media personality, rising to fame in 2013 when she began posting fun videos to Vines. 

Having been online since 2013, Lauren has built up quite the fanbase. Now venturing into the world of Instagram and YouTube, Lauren has become a much-loved social media influencer. 

Lauren creates a variety of engaging and creative content, focusing primarily on fashion, beauty and lifestyle. On YouTube, Lauren often posts content including her makeup and beauty routines, clothing hauls and styling videos. 

Having recently moved house, Lauren is sharing a lot of home and interior design related content, often bringing her followers along for the journey and taking them shopping with her in a number of daily vlogs.

Taking to Instagram, Lauren’s feed is filled with OOTD’s, cute selfies and snaps from her holidays and travels.

With a passion for music, in 2017 Lauren released her debut single and hit the road for a North American tour.

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