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Laura Bradshaw is a popular lifestyle and fashion influencer based in Essex. 

Starting her blog as a hobby and a way to discuss her love of hair, beauty, fashion and lifestyle, Laura’s little corner of the internet soon turned into a career. 

Venturing into other social media platforms, Laura also utilises Instagram and YouTube, continuing to create fun, engaging and informative content.

Recognised for her love of fashion, Laura regularly shares her favourite outfits in a series of OOTD’s and fashion posts on Instagram, as well as styling videos, hauls and try-ons on YouTube.

As well as this, Laura also tests out new beauty products and regularly shares her makeup routines. She often shares snippets of her home, renovation updates and discusses interior design

More recently, Laura has opened up on her fertility struggles and her experience with recurrent miscarriages. Because of the lack of advice and support she found online during the difficult times for herself and her husband, Laura created her very own website and podcast to help others who may be going through something similar. Just Bad Luck was created to provide support and comfort, as well as a sense of community.

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