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About LadBaby...

Enjoying the journey 'from lad to dad' - Mark Hoyle is the man behind LadBaby. His wife Roxanne helps to run the channel alongside him. The duo showcase their journey through parenthood with their two young sons leading the way.

The channel has taken off in recent years and the hilarious vlogs and smart hacks helped Mark to the 2018 Celebrity Dad of the Year Award, beating off stiff competition from Prince William, Rio Ferdinand and Liam Payne.

With the release of the debut book by Mark and Roxanne Hoyle - Parenting for £1 and Other Baby Hacks - the couple have cemented their status as one of the most inspirational parenting influencers around.

Enjoying projects with his young sons and playing jokes on his particularly patient wife - Mark's open and honest approach to parenthood has seen their following grow considerably. Viewers revel in his hilarious antics as he takes his young children out and about in the real world.

The view behind the scenes into the couple's family life has proven particularly popular, as viewers get a real feel for the lives of this close-knit family.

Inspired by a desire to save money and give his boys the best start in life - LadBaby began as a blog for Mark to share the ups and downs of a first-time father. After the success of his first video, which followed Mark's rush to replace his son's lunchbox with a toolbox, things moved quickly.

It is the positive outlook on life that the couple share that has really resonated with parents everywhere. Where many look for help, hacks and ideas as first-time parents, Mark and Roxanne are there to offer a helping hand through the journey that is parenthood.

Many brands have taken notice of this rapid rise with the likes of Birds Eye, Kiddylicious, B&Q, Warner Bros and Greggs all benefiting from his standing. He has also featured in the media, appearing in publications such as The Independent, The Daily Mirror and on BBC Radio Nottingham.

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