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Jack Morris


About Jack Morris...

Jack Morris, or as he is otherwise known by his social media handle Do You Travel, is an avid travel influencer. 

Before he entered into the wonderful world of travel, Jack was originally a carpet cleaner from Manchester. Now, he travels the world and captures stunning photography of landscapes, animals and wildlife. 

Jack visits some of the most stunning locations around the globe, including Bali, Thailand and Marrakech to name but a few. 

It was on his travels that Jack met fellow traveller and now partner, Lauren Bullen. The pair met whilst on their individual travels in Fiji and ever since, they have continued to travel the world together. 

Jack’s Instagram is truly a thing of art. Sharing an array of stunning images from all over the world, Jack truly captures the natural beauty of every location he visits, as well as sweet and smiley snaps alongside his partner. 

Jack also has his own YouTube channel where he uploads vlog style videos of his many adventures.

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