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About Ibz Mo...

Ibz is one of the most unique lifestyle influencers to have emerged across social media platforms, finding a fresh, new take on education and university living. 

Raised in Hackney, Ibz overcame hardship in his school and family life, and, at 18, he made the decision to live independently.

When Ibz obtained his GCSE grades, he chose to determinedly continue his education, and better his academic results.

During his studies, Ibz was known for his relentlessly positive outlook, encouraging friends, and even teachers, during difficult times. 

After leaving college, Ibz took a gap year, and rather than take time out or travel overseas, he became an A Level tutor. Each of his students achieved improved grades, and Ibz was offered the chance to study Human, Social and Political Science at the University of Cambridge. 

It was here that Ibz began his Ibz Mo YouTube channel. Posting University guides, study tips and campus life as an ethnic student with middle eastern origins, his diversity campaigns attracted national attention for their positivity and success.

Ibz passion for education continues post-graduation, with videos offering advice for applicants, new students, and those about to embark on revision and exams.

Over on Instagram, Ibz lets fans and followers into his travels abroad and his explorations of exotic locations, such as Malaysia and Islamabad.

Life with family and friends and socialising at home and in London is something that remains important to Ibz and is prominent in his feed. Ibz educational journey continues with his studies to become a lawyer, regularly updating followers of his determined and focused progress.

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