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Holly Boon is amongst the pool of beauty influencers that have successfully established a strong social media presence and taken steps into the entrepreneurial world. Starting off as a beauty and makeup influencer, Holly has gathered over 632k+ subscribers on YouTube and an impressive 40+ million views across her videos.

Holly’s content ranges between creating simple makeup looks to more complex tutorials, as well as product hauls, fashion hauls, reviews, recommendations and guides. She mimics the style of some of the biggest beauty icons such as Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner, allowing fans to steal the look of globally renowned celebrities and current beauty trends. Her integrity as a makeup artist remains consistent as she works with a wide range of the highest quality products, but doesn’t stray from the cheaper, more affordable makeup kits that are within budget for most people. This makes her appeal to a wider audience as her content maintains realistic and attainable for everybody who watches her tutorials. Her videos, such as ‘Testing Poundland Makeup’ or ‘Testing Primark Makeup’ gives honest reviews of products regardless of price range, revealing to fans the secrets of how to look good within budget.

Holly’s increasing social media fame inspired her to take makeup and beauty more seriously. Today, she collaborates with nationally renowned brands such as Pretty Little Thing, White Fox Boutique and Oh Polly in a series of sponsored posts throughout her Instagram, where she shows off her favourite products and outfits as well as promoting the brand. Alongside becoming an effective brand endorsement figure and business partner for many companies within the beauty industry, her entrepreneurial spirit drove Holly into becoming the Founder and CEO of her own cosmetics line, HNB Cosmetics.

HNB Cosmetics sells a variety of nude lip glosses and synthetic lashes all at an affordable range. The popularity of these products often lead to sellouts, and all the products are advertised as cruelty-free with affordable prices. Whilst her YouTube is her primary platform for content creation and beauty videos, she takes to Instagram to allow fans to sneak a peek into the influencer’s personal life, as she posts pictures of her travel adventures as well as new beauty looks and outfits.

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