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About Harriet Shearsmith...

Harriet Shearsmith is a well-known parenting influencer who has established an strong online presence across multiple digital channels. After launching her very own blog, Toby & Roo, she caught the attention of many fellow mummy bloggers and families who use the influencer’s parenting guides in their own path to parenthood. From pregnancy blogs to articles about older kids, home-schooling tips and toy reviews, there is no topic left untouched in her all-rounded guide to building a family.

Before branching out to social media, Harriet worked for an international children’s merchandise retailer. Having a unique expertise in children’s products, she has given talks about car safety, baby weaning, breastfeeding, home safety and all the things that concern any parent. With the desire to share her expertise with a wider audience, Harriet decided to create a presence on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter and has since accumulated a respectable following.

Since launching Toby & Roo, Harriet has become a teacher for many through her informative blog posts and engaging YouTube content. Aside from ‘sharing the wins and woes of parenting’, she has also expanded her reach within the influencing world when writing blogs about fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle alongside her parenting guides. Besides running her blog, she also documents her day-to-day life on YouTube through regular vlogs. Whilst parenting continues to be her main focus, she uses her channels to share her passions for travel and food and often recommends the best places to eat or visit on holiday. In this way, the popular social media influencer not only reaches out to mothers, fathers and families, but also becomes an influential figure for travel and food enthusiasts.

Through focusing in more than one industry throughout her content, Harriet becomes an influencer with great versatility in her work, allowing her to collaborate with a variety of different brands from dissimilar sectors. She has collaborated with the likes of Robinsons in the past through brand partnership and creating sponsored content. Her online success has lead to her becoming the finalist for both the Blogosphere Parent Blogger of the Year Award, as well as the BiBs Social Media Award in 2017. She has also won the Vuelio Parenting Blog of the Year 2017.

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