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About Fun for Louis...

Louis Cole, best-known by his channel name Fun for Louis, is one of the most iconic travel influencers ever to have come out of the United Kingdom. Having risen to fame documenting his exciting adventures in destinations across the globe, Louis is a familiar face in the digital sphere.

Louis initially found fame as a prolific YouTube star, posting daily vlogs consecutively for many years. He built up a significant following during this time, and his pool of dedicated fans continues to grow by the day. Today, his YouTube channel boasts an incredible 2 million subscribers, which stands testament to his success as a travel influencer.

It wasn't long before Louis began to focus on his passion for travel. One of his best-known projects in this area saw the light of day in 2017, when he enlisted his friend and pilot Juan-Peter Schulze to fly to 22 cities around the world alongside him.

The initiative became known as the Beyond Borders project and formed part of Discovery's Digital Seeker Network. Offering fascinating insight into global diversity, the project helped to establish Louis as a trailblazer in the area of travel. Louis soon set his sights on turning the project into a feature-length film. The Kickstarter campaign aimed at making this dream into a reality smashed its $100,000 target, raising an incredible $111,564.

Louis is also the creator of the Boom Bus, which was launched at the Let the Music Speak festival back in 2007. He famously bought and renovated a double-decker bus, successfully turning it into a mobile centre aimed at helping homeless youth to enjoy music and video games. The project proved to be a resounding success, and it soon received funding from the local council.

Over the course of his career, Louis has also made appearances at a number of high-profile events, which includes his presentation at the Social Progress - What Works? event held in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Since then, Louis has continued to offer a varied mix of content that appeals to an international audience. As an iconic figure in his field, he is the perfect addition to a string of influencer marketing campaigns, having worked alongside numerous well-known brands. To date, he has lent his talent to campaigns by the likes of Doritos, KitKat and Intel.

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