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About Conor Maynard...

Conor Maynard is one of the biggest superstars ever to have come out of the UK. A world-famous act in contemporary pop music, Conor originally made a name for himself performing covers on video-sharing platform YouTube.

He picked up a considerable following online, and his talents were soon noticed by major names in the music industry. As a result, he was quickly picked up by American singer-songwriter Ne-Yo, which ushered in his journey towards the top.

During the early stages of his YouTube career, Conor performed numerous hits from some of the world’s biggest music stars. His renditions of Taio Cruz’s Dynamite and Rihanna’s Only Girl (In the World) brought him particular attention, helping to establish his name across the globe. His biggest breakthrough came when he covered Ne-Yo’s Beautiful Monster, attracting attention from the original artist himself.

From this point onwards, Conor went on to enjoy a rewarding music career alongside his work as a social media influencer. He racked up numerous hits in the years that followed, working with the likes of Rita Ora and Pharrell Williams. Having developed a distinctive sound that effortlessly merged elements of R&B and pop, he amassed millions of loyal fans from all walks of life.

Having built up a combined following that easily surpasses the ten million mark, Conor is a top name in modern influencer marketing. Apart from offering a mix of exciting content on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, Conor also enjoys a status as one of the most popular music influencers on Instagram. Over the course of his career, Conor has worked with many of his fellow social media stars, having starred alongside the likes of Marcus Butler and Caspar Lee.

Conor’s many talents have also helped him find success in other areas. Offering insight into some of his latest work via his YouTube channel, Conor recently announced that he would come to star in the Broadway show Kinky Boots.

In the meantime, Conor hasn’t forgotten his YouTube roots. His famous YouTube live streams continue to offer his followers entertaining content. Due to his worldwide renown both within the online sphere and outside it, Conor has become the partner of choice for numerous brands wanting to take their influencer marketing campaigns to the next level. A role model for a diverse and international audience, his ventures are sure to play a crucial role in strengthening brand awareness.

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