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Bayley Mummery is best known for his appearance on the winter series of ITV2’s favourite reality dating show, Love Island. Joining during the infamous Casa Amor week, Bayley was set out to turn the heads of the girls in the new villa. However, when the end of the week came and the villas joined back together, Bayley hadn’t been chosen by any of the girls during the recoupling and quickly made a swift exit from the villa.

Speaking on what he would bring to the drama-filled show, Bayley had said that he would be very open and not afraid to talk about his feelings, offering advice to others if they needed it.

Even though his time on the show was short-lived, the operations manager from Surrey made an impression and as a result gained a solid social media following.

Over on Instagram, Bayley has a feed full of snaps of him abroad as well as out and about at parties alongside his mates. Posted up in different locations around Spain such as Ibiza, Valencia and Alicante, Bayley is also into a different type of holiday, often documenting his journey into the French Alps to party on skiing holidays.

New to the industry of social media, Bayley would be a great and sought-after influencer to use in your latest marketing campaign on the back of his reality TV debut.

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