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About Bartosz Kowalczyk...

Bartosz Kowalczyk is a Polish TikTok sensation who has amassed over 2M followers from his short videos ranging in various topics, with multiple videos achieving in excess of 1M likes.

Being a handball player, Bartosz has risen to fame on TikTok. He is often known as the ‘ello’ guy, starting lots of his videos by saying “ello”. This has even progressed into him having his own merch, with lots of his catchphrases on hoodies, t-shirts and mugs.

His cheeky, fun and silly personality has captured viewers’ attention, and his YouTube has also flourished. He posts ‘a day in the life’ style videos, as well as shopping hauls and videos trying out food, as well as holiday videos.

With such a range of content and the ability to post such a variety of videos in different styles shows Bartosz’s ability to entertain an audience, perfect for brand campaigns adopting social media posts.

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