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With a combined following that numbers in the seven figures, Jemma Wilson, better known as Cupcake Jemma, is one of the UK’s most popular culinary phenomena. Specialising in cupcakes, Jemma’s baking adventures have racked up millions of views throughout various online platforms, making her one of the most beloved social media influencers in her field.

Having dropped out of art school, Jemma worked as a barmaid for several years before putting her sweet tooth to good use. Having carefully developed her baking skills, she soon began selling her cupcakes on the market. Her baking efforts would later culminate in Jenna setting up her own businessCrumbs & Doilies – which produces custom-made cakes, brownies and cupcakes from their shop in London’s Soho area.

Jemma’s unquestionable success as a food influencer is the result of her incredible passion for her craft. Her YouTube videos enable a legion of fans to follow along with her baking, as well as providing them with a wealth of inspiration in the form of recipes and expert techniques. The popularity of her channel is so vast that it has racked up an astonishing 1.3 million subscribers – and the number continues to increase at a rapid pace. As a result, Jemma is regularly listed as one of the most popular British food creators on YouTube.

Jemma’s success has seen her follow her business pursuits into several other areas. Following the launch of her website Crumbs & Doilies, she created her very own collection of merchandise, which includes branded tea-towels, oven gloves, phone cases and much more. Making use of her own unique branding and colourful designs, the collection is just another example of Jemma’s widespread appeal.

Jemma’s baking success hasn’t gone unnoticed by some of the country’s most famous chefs and bakers. She famously featured on the YouTube channel of British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, who has expressed his support and admiration for her work. Furthermore, Jamie has even made an appearance in Jemma’s videos.

A celebrated author, Jemma has compiled many of her favourite baking recipes in her very own cookbook – The Cake Book. In it, Jemma features recipes used in her very own bakery, inspiring would-be bakers around the world to try their hand at creating an Eton Mess, a Blueberry Cheesecake and much more.

With an extensive and dedicated following behind her, Cupcake Jemma is the perfect match for brands looking to boost their influencer marketing campaigns. An influencer marketing food like no other, Jemma is the perfect partner for food and drink brands looking to connect with her vast and engaging audience.

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"I'm a girl, I've got tattoos, I bake cupcakes and they look really nice. Kids watching me can identify with baking way more than they can with a marinara sauce."