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Launching a career as a popular online icon and reality television star, Olivia Attwood rose to fame during her appearance on the reality television series Love Island. Being exposed to millions of viewers nationally, the influencer caught the eyes of many. As a result, she has continued to increase her popularity across her social media channels and now boasts an impressive total of almost 2 million followers.

Whilst on the show, Olivia became one of the most admired contestants amongst viewers due to her animated yet strong character. The audience loved the star’s outspoken nature, as she was quick to voice her thoughts and is sure of what she wants. This confidence, aligned with her bubbly spirit, made her followers fall in love and attracted a series of brands in working with the popular influencer after she left the villa.

As well as becoming a nationally renowned beauty and fashion influencer, Olivia has a keen interest in travelling the world on exotic holidays. Showcasing her travels across on Instagram posting pictures of sunsets and seas whilst taking fans with her through her adventures. Continuing to keep her fans engaged in her content, she often collaborates with other well-known influencers such as Adam Deering. In the past she has been involved in collaborate projects to launch competitions and giveaways for fans on her social media platforms, encouraging them to participate in the influencer’s projects.

Helping to keep her profile in the public eye, Olivia has been involved with several reality TV projects. After Love Island, she secured her own spin off show with fellow constants Chris Hughes, Kem Cetinay and Amber Davies. Whilst the show was short-lived, Olivia’s has continued to venture in the world of TV and now appears on the BAFTA-winning television series The Only Way Is Essex. Starring alongside fellow reality influencers Chloe Sims and Dan Edgar, Olivia continues to be loved for her bold and outgoing personality.

Since her appearance on the show, Olivia has branched out into the fashion, and lifestyle industry. Immersing herself in the world of fashion, she often posts content of her in trendy outfits from chic streetwear to swimwear and sportswear. Her diverse range of looks has attracted numerous brands in collaborating with the influencer who pulls off any item she puts on. Brands such as Pretty Little Thing, Missy Empire, Abbott Lyon and Ghost Fragrances are keen in sponsoring the influencer’s online content, and she eagerly supports each brand by promoting their products throughout her social media platforms. Being involved with a variety of digital marketing campaigns, Olivia has gone on to becoming a brand ambassador for Dripping Gold Tan, a representative of the business whilst endorsing their products and services and offering discount codes for her followers.

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