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Frankie Foster is a top reality television, fitness and lifestyle influencer from Cheltenham, England. Rising to fame after getting casted on the fourth season of Love Island 2018, he has upheld an impressive following of over 500k across his digital media platforms. Since his departure from the the reality series, Frankie has focused his interests on becoming a fitness expert for his fans as well as taking the lead in his own entrepreneurial projects.

Before he appeared on our television screens, Frankie was a professional rugby player and had worked as a model. Frankie has successfully utilised his strong online following to develop his presence as a fitness coach, online personal trainer and a health and lifestyle influencer. Throughout his social media platforms, he frequently shares his gym routines and fitness top tips to a diverse audience, catering his content to both male and female fans who can use the influencer’s advice to achieve their personal fitness goals.

With the rise of technology and the virtual platform becoming a dominant space for fitness enthusiasts, Frankie appeals to a wide audience thanks to his offering of online services. In this way, he creates content for people who don’t necessarily possess fitness expertise, and require an online personal trainer to guide them through their routine.

What’s more, Frankie frequently uses his Instagram and Twitter accounts to endorse different brands and companies in a series of sponsored posts. Through promotional offers and advertised products, he becomes an advocate for brands such as Lord Time Pieces as he engages in long-term partnerships.

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Influencer Partnerships
Lord Time Pieces

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