Black Friday and Cyber Monday: How Influencers Can Help Your Brand

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Black Friday Influencers

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the biggest events of the year in the retail calendar, making it one of the most profitable times of the year.  

Consumers spend the weeks and month’s leading up to these days filled with excitement and anticipation, planning to order big, pricey purchases, Christmas gifts or to simply grab themselves a bargain. 

But as a brand, how can influencers help you at a time like this? Here’s everything you need to know… 

A shift in retail 

black friday sale

This year is different from previous years, as we have seen throughout the entirety of 2020. We’ve just entered the second UK lockdown, meaning that all non-essential shops must once again close their doors temporarily until the 2nd December.  

And with that in mind, clothing, beauty, technology and furniture businesses are no longer able to operate in their usual manner of in-store. Some have adopted a click and collect system, but on the whole, the retail sector is only able to make sales online, unless of course, they have been deemed essential. 

All businesses are competing with one another, trying to attract consumers and make online purchases – and Black Friday and Cyber are only adding to the competition. And although many consumers prefer to shop online to get the best deals, for many, nothing quite beats standing in line and leaving with a bargain firmly in their hands. 

When we would usually see queues of people outside of popular shops, waiting to get their hands on the latest games console or newest beauty launch, we will now be seeing virtual queues.  

So, what can brands do to make the same or similar profits as they have in previous years?  

Why use social media influencers? 

black friday influencers

If brands are looking to entice consumers and encourage them to make online purchases, then they need to make sure they are advertising the right way and targeting the correct audience.  

And what better way to target an online audience, than to use the very people that have made an entire career doing exactly that.  

Social media influencers have an audience that are dedicated to them, following their lives, journeys and listening to their reviews and recommendations.  

According to a survey taken by HubSpot, over 70% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when referred by social media as opposed to other forms of marketing. 

As well as encouraging their followers to make a purchase from your brand, social media influencers can help to raise brand awareness and increase social media presence. This will subsequently also lead to more purchases.  

Social media influencers are much more relatable to consumers. They are more authentic and trustworthy and provide a rather impressive return on investment (ROI).  

How to use influencers 

Influencers know exactly what they’re followers want to see and how to engage with them. The content that they produce and create is engaging and innovative. They are always at the top of their game. 

There are a variety of ways that influencers can help your brand, particularly around Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

Influencer marketing agencies 

influencer marketing agency

It’s important for brands to first do their research and find out who they would like to work with and why.  

By using an influencer marketing agency such as Influencer Matchmaker, this can help make this process easier, allowing businesses to focus on, well, business.  

We can find the perfect influencer to suit your brand’s needs, the product and your budget. We can also ask the influencer what they’re audience reacts to best, and ask for their input, too – this ensures an authentic collaboration, which will generate better results and increase sales. 

We’ll also advise on the best social media platform to utilise and provide you with results once the campaign has ended.  

Discount codes or early access 

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are dedicated to discounted items anyway, however, providing social media influencers with a unique code to share with their followers for an extra 5% off. This is a great way to increase sales and encourage purchases. 

Another way to utilise social media influencers is by providing them with an early access link to share. This will enable their followers to get their hands on some highly desired products before they sell out and motivate them to make the purchase quicker. 

Recently, fashion and fitness influencer Saffron Barker teamed up with online fitness giant, Gymshark to share the details of their early Black Friday sale. The content for this ad was created in the form of a sponsored YouTube video, sharing links to their website and information regarding the sale. Also a Gymshark Athlete, Saffron sported their clothing throughout the video, which was seen by over 235,000 people.  

Influencer-led content 

influencer content

Consumers tend to follow influencers for inspiration, and often advice, particularly when it comes to purchasing decisions.  

So, a great way to promote your brand’s Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals is to get a social media influencer to create their very own ‘edit’. Put simply, they will put together a piece of content that outlines their favourite items or products that are apart of the promotion. They could also demonstrate how they implement the products into their days and provide honest reviews.  

Influencer-led content also provides the audience with informative content, and something a bit more substantial to really help them make an informed decision for potential purchases. 

Is your brand considering an influencer marketing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday? We’re here to help. 

To find out how Influencer Matchmaker can help you with finding the perfect influencer that not only represents your brand and product but also has access to the right audience, contact us today.