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A self-described ‘makeup junkie’, Rachel Leary has taken the makeup industry by storm and established herself as one of the most popular influencers within the online beauty community. Having amassed an astounding 47 million views across her channels to date, it is safe to say that Rachel’s army of fans are behind her on her every move, with every video racking up thousands of views.

Rachel’s YouTube channel splits into several categories; alongside her range of makeup tutorials and product hauls, she also recreates looks inspired by different fashion icons such as Kylie Jenner, Ariana Grande and more. By being able to accurately mimic the signature makeup styles of such major beauty icons, she allows people to copy the looks of their favourite celebrities.

Sharing her passion for all things beauty, she delivers a consistent stream of highly-demanded looks and tutorials, becoming one of the leading figures within the makeup industry. Ensuring her content remains relatable to everyone, Rachel also incorporates seasonal and holiday-inspired looks for people to follow, allowing her makeup art to suitable for any occasion.

Alongside makeup, Rachel posts entertaining makeup and beauty challenges throughout her channel, allowing the formation of a creative and comedic atmosphere. She also posts vlogs showing her daily morning routines, and takes to Instagram to share her favourite breakfast and lunch recipes for fans to follow.

Her increasing success and popularity has allowed Rachel to launch her very own eyeshadow palette collection with Revolution Beauty, which she promotes and endorses across her social media channels. Following the successful launch of her product range Rachel was able to host meet and greet events where fans get an exclusive chance to meet with the influencer and ask questions.

Rachel is has also been involved in events with leading makeup brands such as L’Oreal and NARS Cosmetics in celebrating new product launches, as well as attending numerous events with popular influencers such as Montana Brown.

Due to her soaring popularity and entrepreneurial spirit, Rachel is the perfect influencer to collaborate with; whether it be campaigns, long-term partnerships or sponsored posts, Rachel is a passionate makeup artist who can become an advocate for any brand whose values align with her own.

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