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James Charles

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James Charles is one of the biggest beauty influencers on social media. With a combined following of over 20 million across his digital platforms, he has taken his passion for makeup and beauty from recreation to professionalism. Taking his expertise to entrepreneurial levels, James posts some of the most highly demanded makeup content whilst collaborating with the beauty industry’s most influential brands.

Being one of YouTube’s leading internet personalities as well as a makeup artist, model and entrepreneur, it is safe to say that James Charles leads a busy, successful life. His YouTube channel consists of a wide range of makeup tutorials and different looks; whether you’re going for a natural look or going all out in festival glitter, James has a video for you. His popularity brought him to immediate fame, making him one of the most successful names in the industry. In 2016, James became the first male spokesperson and spokesmodel for CoverGirl, a cosmetics brand that he looked up to since his high school years.

His success as a YouTube personality has not only come from his own makeup tutorials and creative content, but also from his collaborations with multiple internet personalities on the platform. Working with the likes of Emma Chamberlain and the Dolan twins in their internet group The Sister Squad, he participated in comedic videos completing challenges and tasks in a light-hearted video series with his fellow YouTuber friends. One of his most viewed videos, with a total of almost 30 million views to date, is his Halloween makeup tutorial with world-famous influencer and self-made entrepreneur Kylie Jenner. Across his social media, he has also featured leading celebrities within the beauty and online influencing industry such as Kim Kardashian and Kenzie Ziegler.

James has expanded his digital reach and his social media presence by diverging from beauty into television and music projects. Not only does he post covers of famous songs on his channel, but collaborates with YouTube musicians in posting musical content that varies from his typical beauty tutorials or challenge videos. Aside from working with micro-influencers, his involvement in Iggy Azalea’s music video for hit single Sally Walker boosted his fame and global recognition. He has also collaborated with YouTube influencer Andrea Russett in her talk show series Apologies in Advance. His fame has resulted in him winning the award for the best channel in the Beauty category for the 8th Streamy Awards.

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