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About Imogenation...

Imogen Hudson is a popular YouTube personality, fashion and beauty influencer and entrepreneur. She is best known for her YouTube channel Imogenation, where she posts regular content involving all things fashion, beauty, lifestyle, personal and more.

Having studied professional arts and music theatre in college, Imogen has taken her love of being in front of a camera to becoming an online vlogger. To date, she has accumulated thousands of followers across her social media channels, where she updates fans on her fashion and makeup projects, as well as giving them sneak peaks of her day to day lives. Her YouTube videos consist of fashion and clothing hauls, makeup hauls and tutorials, storytimes, relationship talks and more. She keeps her relationship with her fans as authentic as possible, as she often opens up about her personal experiences regarding her health and her opinions on various social concerns.

Aside from her social media activity, the popular fashion influencer is also the founder of Hunny Cosmetics. Her viral YouTube videos have caused her to become an online sensation and across the fashion and beauty industry. Her product line focuses mainly on synthetic eyelashes using faux mink and silk fibres, which effectively mimic mink whilst retaining ethical production procedures. Her company values extend to promoting 100% vegan and cruelty-free items, making it attractive for a larger audience. On top of this, Hudson’s empowering attitude towards female beauty and identity has become the backbone of Hunny Cosmetics as she often takes to Instagram to exhort her beauty values.

Her growing influence throughout the online world has prompted various brands and businesses to collaborate with the fashion enthusiasts, and she eagerly takes on opportunities to support renowned fashion brands. Her collaborations include partnerships with Lottie London, Nip and Fab and TOO Faced, whom she promoted through sponsored posts across her social media channels.

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Influencer Partnerships
Too Faced

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