We all like to get stuck into a good television series, whether it be the latest crime drama or re-creation of a literary classic.

Now though, an increasing amount of people are turning off their televisions and turning on their computers in search of online series– more specifically, YouTube series.

Influencer Matchmaker explores the latest craze

What is a YouTube series?

Just like your traditional television series, a YouTube series combines a number of episodes following one storyline or topic. Unlike a television series though, the YouTube series is uploaded online and gives subscribers the chance to interact in the comment box and give it a thumbs up or down. This means the success of each episode and the entire series is out there for the world to see.

The content, acting, directing and editing is all in the hands of YouTube creators and some YouTube series typically focus on challenge videos, dramas or mockumentaries.

While many of us are well used to waiting a week for the next episode in a series, YouTube series can typically be uploaded a lot quicker. Depending on the creators, some series are filmed in advance and uploaded every day for a week.

However, whichever way they choose to do it, and whatever genre they choose to do it on, there is no getting away from the fact that a series takes a great deal of time, and passion, to create!

How do YouTube series’ benefit the creators?

They can get creative – A YouTube series allows creators to be more experimental in the content they create. YouTubers create videos for one reason – they like doing it. A series gives them the chance to explore the things they are interested in most and really go to town.

They can please their followers – Having built their following on their channel over the years, these creators have great insight into what goes down well with their followers and what doesn’t. Using this knowledge, they are able to create a series that attracts the majority of their audience – a great way of keeping engagement high.

Reach new audiences through collaborations – In many cases, creators will collaborate with other YouTubers on their series which comes with great benefits. Not only does having more people involved in the series keep the content fresh and exciting, it also means that the creator behind the series is able to harness a secondary audience that their collaborator will be bringing in.

This is why you may see series collaborations between two very different creators as it opens the door to new audiences for both parties!

Who are the best YouTube series creators to watch?

Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson is a regular YouTube series creator with some of his videos bringing in millions of views.

Taking on a style of investigative documentaries, his most recent series was in collaboration with one of the biggest names on YouTube, Jeffree Star. The three-part series was an expose on the somewhat controversial star that is Jeffree. The series combined brought in an unbelievable 58,704,341 views for the duo! So, it’s safe to say that it’s certainly worth a watch.

Joey Graceffa

American YouTuber, Joey Graceffa took series’ up a notch with his fictional murder mystery series, Escape the Night. Teaming up with producers, Brian Graden Media, Joey created a series which combined characters, puzzles and competition.

The series has seen some of the biggest YouTube stars get on board with the concept, all of whom played their part in making it the massive success it has become.


BRAT is an entire YouTube channel dedicated to original series’. Featuring some of YouTube’s favourite creators, some of the channel’s current running series include: Chicken Girls, DIRT, A Girl Named Jo and The Talent Show.

With episodes of various series uploaded each week, millions tune into the channel to catch up with their favourite show. In fact, the series is so popular that it has over 2,289,839 subscribers.

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