That’s right, the Lionesses brought it home! The women’s England national team claimed victory in the UEFA Women’s Euro 2022 – and what a moment it was.

The final became a game that will be remembered forever – a truly pivotal moment for women, women’s sport and football.

All of the women on the team (and in sport, in general) continue to be a huge source of inspiration for young girls around the world and we believe that they do just that both on and off the pitch.

So, with that in mind, we thought we’d continue the celebration online and share our top female England football players!

Leah Williamson

Captain of the Lionesses, Leah Williamson helped lead the girls (and the entire country) to victory on 31st July 2022. At such a young age, Leah has achieved so much, and uses her social media platforms to break barriers and stereotypes regarding women in sport and football, showcasing that anything is possible.

Popular on Instagram and various other social media platforms, Leah is the ideal match for brands seeking a collaboration with a popular sport and health and fitness influencer.

Lucy Bronze

As part of the winning team, Lucy Bronze is just as victorious offline, with her very own YouTube channel. Lucy documents the many aspects of her life, with a main focus on sport, football and health and fitness, of course.

As well as this, Lucy uses her online platform to share football tricks and tips and as she is passionate about food and nutrition, she also showcases her culinary skills, making her the perfect social media influencer, too.

Fran Kirby

Ranked as seventh in The Guardian’s 100 Best Female Football Players In The World in 2021, Fran Kirby is one of the most iconic and reputable footballers of this generation.

As well as sharing her professional successes and achievements to the likes of Instagram, Fran also uses the platform to document her day-to-day life, including brand collaborations with Visa and Nike.

Alex Greenwood

As well as being a part of the triumphant women’s England national team, Alex Greenwood is a regular social media user. Utilising platforms such as Instagram to share her journey as a professional sports player, Alex also documents her sporting career, as well as snaps from her travels around the world and snippets of her days.

Alex is a key figure in the world of sport and social media, making her a popular choice for health and fitness brands in particular.

Rachel Daly

A role model to many in the health and fitness industry and an inspiration to girls and young everywhere, Rachel Daly regularly takes to social media and in particular, Instagram. Rachel shares everything from recent work with global brands to providing fans with an insight of her busy life.

A renowned animal lover, avid traveller, and health and fitness enthusiast, Rachel’s follower count is growing at an impressive rate, making her a fantastic influencer for future influencer marketing campaigns.

Ella Toone

Recognised as a forward for both Manchester United and England, Ella Toone scored the first of two goals that led to the Lionesses’ victory in the Women’s Euro 2022.

When she isn’t busy on the pitch, Ella takes to Instagram as well as other social media channels to document various aspects of her life. From travelling around the world to glamorous outfit shots, Ella is a great partner for brands seeking an influencer.

Millie Bright

Playing for both Chelsea and the England national team, Millie Bright is now best recognised for playing her part in the country’s victory in the UEFA Women’s Euro 2022. But it doesn’t stop there.

As well as being a huge source of inspiration for many, particularly within the realms of women’s sport, Millie is also an ambassador for Nike and Make a Wish UK, as well a variety of other well-known brands, making her an icon in football and off the pitch.

Nikita Parris

As well as being a footballer for the England national team, Nikita Parris also plays for Arsenal and continues working within the health and fitness industry as a Puma Athlete.

Proving that women can do it all, Nikita is a force to be reckoned with on the football pitch, and continues to reign supreme in the world of social media and influencer marketing.

Nikita uses Instagram to connect with her followers, sharing a glimpse into her personal life as well as brand collaborations with the likes of Pandora.

Chloe Kelly

Professional footballer for Manchester City and England, Chloe Kelly is also a well-known Nike Athlete, demonstrating her many skills and passions within the industries of sport and health and fitness.

Chloe also uses social media and Instagram in particular to give fans a glimpse of her private life at home and with her partner, whilst also sharing snaps that showcase her keen eye for style and fashion, as well as snippets from her travels around the world.

Beth Mead

Popular footballer Beth Mead plays for both Arsenal and England, and after a triumphant final against Germany in the 2022 UEFA Women’s Euros, she is continuing to rise in popularity both on the pitch and online.

Taking to social media, Beth is a Nike Athlete and has previously worked with several global brands, including McDonalds. As well as this, Beth documents her holidays, time with loved ones and professional achievements.

What a group of women – talented, inspirational and the ultimate source of motivation!

Once again, a huge congratulations to the Lionesses on creating history!

As an influencer marketing agency, we can ensure that brands achieve the best results possible and most of this comes down to sourcing the perfect partner. And for sports or health and fitness campaigns, who better to collaborate with than the women’s England team.

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