Brands are increasingly turning to student influencers to not only further their marketing endeavours, but also to help build a brand story, raise awareness, and connect with a targeted audience in an engaging, and relevant way.

Being digital natives, students are particularly interconnected and social media savvy, and with high levels of engagement, they possess a stronger relationship with their followers.

Students are also more likely to spend on food, entertainment, and clothing, looking to their friends for honest recommendations, making student influencers the perfect combination of influencer and friend.

Here, we’ve sorted for you our top student influencers to help you raise your brand awareness game.


Kaci-Jay is in college, completing her final two years of education alongside running her platforms and content-creating.

Kaci-Jay is a British macro influencer, having over a million followers across her YouTube and Instagram, combined. Despite her popularity, Kaci-Jay manages to maintain a sense of authenticity, as her posts are minimally filtered and always relatable.

Since creating her YouTube channel in 2018, her platform has racked up over 44.5 million views.

Kaci-Jay’s YouTube content consists of fun and engaging videos ranging from hair tutorials to Q&A’s, whilst her open and honest expression allows for her viewers to feel as if they have a personal friendship with the social media star. Part of her appeal is in her ‘how-to’ videos, and her affordable shopping hauls, making her experiences feel more accessible.

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Holly Bennett

Holly juggles college with content-creating across her two platforms, YouTube and Instagram, and her follower niche consists of students around the same age.

Holly is a macro-influencer, having over 170K followers on her Instagram, where her posts focus around beauty and fashion, earning her sponsorships with huge household names.

Taking to YouTube to grow her brand, she attained over 40k followers despite only creating the platform in July 2021. Her posts range from her “17th birthday surprise” to make-up routines, making her a popular lifestyle influencer. She often does giveaways in order to keep her fanbase engaged. Her brother is also an influencer in his own right, creating quite the sibling power duo.


Smeltzer is a student in college, creating gaming content with his four siblings regularly appearing, which adds a sweet and wholesome tone to the otherwise gamer-focused content.

He created his YouTube channel in 2016, after featuring frequently on his influencer brother’s channel, Tekkerz Kid. With their father also working as an influencer, it is clear that creativity runs in the family.

As the whole family gets involved with content, they each have something to offer a variety of audiences.

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Bronte King

Although Bronte is no longer a student, she is the founder of Gals Who Graduate, a platform on Instagram she created to offer a supportive space online for graduates transitioning from education to the working world.

The platform shares content from positive affirmations to tips to getting hired, to posts dedicated to powerful women who want to share their own helpful words of affirmation and advice. The platform has nearly 35k followers and the brand has recently begun selling merchandise.

Bronte’s personal Instagram on the other hand, has over 50k followers, where continues to support people on their journey throughout and beyond education, as well as in other aspects of life.

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Fiddy Rhett

Fiddy is a renowned TikTok star, juggling content-creation whilst at university. He recently announced via TikTok that he’s set to make an appearance on Netflix’s Outer Banks.

Most of his content on TikTok revolves around festivals, as well as general university culture. He’s expanded his reach across multiple social platforms such as OnlyFans and Instagram as well as Snapchat.

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Ibz Mo

Mohammed, better known online as IbzMo is a Cambridge University postgraduate student. His YouTube channel has documented his education journey, with videos dating back from opening his A-Level results.

His YouTube videos are considered a lifeline for prospective university students, as he shares his experiences and knowledge about a multitude of universities, making them feel less alone in their experiences. Mohammed is honest and open in his content, sharing his failures as well as his successes, making his channel feel relatable and authentic.

He also shares comedic videos, such as ‘girlfriend does my make up’, as well as sharing beauty and skin care advice. Mohammed takes to Instagram to continue interacting with his fanbase, sharing personal pictures with his family, travel snaps and more education-focused content.

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Jack Edwards

Jack made his debut as a student influencer while studying his undergraduate at Durham University, sharing his student experiences. His content also offers advice for students, such as how to properly prepare for an assignment, and how to conduct in-depth research.

His content was particularly relevant and relatable the past year as his final year was during the pandemic, an experience students across the nation went through, offering support in solidarity. He takes to Instagram to share snaps of his ‘academia style’, swiftly launching himself as a fashion influencer for menswear.

Although he has since graduated, he maintains engagement with his student fanbase by dubbing himself the ‘Internet’s librarian’ by reading celebrity-recommended books and giving honest reviews about them.

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Eve Bennett

Eve is a student at the University of Oxford, running a successful YouTube channel and Instagram while completing her studies.

Her YouTube channel is dedicated to study tips and tricks and to offer her fanbase an insight into university life. She has recently completed a year abroad programme, sharing the highs and lows of her experiences, as well as her goals. 

Although her YouTube channel is based around her working and study life, she also shares more personal and lifestyle related.

On her Instagram channel, Eve posts photos of festivals and holidays with her friends, providing that ‘university student life’ feel that is relatable for her followers to feel an affinity with.

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Those are just a selection of our favourite student influencers – all of which are on hand to help brands reach new heights and raise brand awareness.

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