Rising to fame almost overnight thanks to her beloved Instagram account, Mrs Hinch is one of the most popular social media influencers in the world.

Recognised for her love of cleaning, tidying, organisation and home décor, Mrs Hinch completely changed the game for influencer marketing.

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the term ‘hinching’, right? Well, here is the woman that created that very phrase. 

So, how exactly did Mrs Hinch get to where she is today? Let’s take a look back on her life before fame and some of her best achievements so far... 

Who is Mrs Hinch? 

Fun fact – her surname isn’t actually Hinch! 

Mrs Hinch’s real name is Sophie Hinchliffe and currently resides in Essex with her husband, Jamie, their son Ronnie and their gorgeous pup, Henry.

She recently announced she was pregnant with her second baby, who will be joining the family soon! 

But let’s go back to the beginning, shall we? 

Life before Instagram 

Before joining Instagram, Sophie had a number of jobs, including working as a waitress, a nursery assistant and in sales, as well as being a qualified hairdresser.

And after meeting her husband, known as Mr Hinch whilst they worked together in sales, the pair went on to get married in a stunning ceremony at Gosfield Hall in Essex in August 2018.

Joining in on the #10yearchallenge online, Sophie shared a throwback photo of herself 10 years ago. Shocking fans with just how different she looked, Sophie has opened up about her struggles as a teenager and how she had a gastric band fitted when she was 21, losing eight stone in weight.

Although she looks incredible, Mrs Hinch explained how she still struggles with low self-esteem and anxiety, which is when she discovered her love for cleaning.

Using cleaning, tidying and organising as a way to distract herself and relax, Mrs Hinch found a passion in exactly that. 


2018 was a big year for Mrs Hinch. In March, she began her now-famous Instagram account, Mrs Hinch Home. Starting the account due to her interests in interior design, Sophie went on to create a dedicated home account after buying her first house with her husband.

Using her platform, she shared cleaning hacks, tips and tricks and it wasn’t long before Sophie reached her first big milestone – all thanks to The Hinch Army.

Just three months after creating her account, Mrs Hinch reached one million followers and shortly after, became verified, gaining that all important blue tick. 

Through main feed posts and Instagram Stories, Mrs Hinch shares her favourite cleaning products, reviewing them as she puts them to use and providing her fans with all of the best advice. Often motivating others to get moving and do whatever it is they have been putting off, Mrs Hinch is also positive, motivational and an inspiration to many. 

Although many assume Sophie is a professional cleaner, she is in fact just incredibly passionate about keeping things in tip-top condition, not to mention how it helps her feel more cool, calm and collected. 

It wasn’t long before the ‘Mrs Hinch Effect’ came into play and brands were beginning to see an increase in sales thanks to the social media star.

After Mrs Hinch shared her love for Zoflora online, this led to the brand needing to double production and their sales increased by approximately 28%


2019 was a monumental year for Sophie, both personally and professionally. 

In June, Mrs Hinch gave birth to her first baby, Ronnie, to which Mr Hinch announced on Instagram in a sweet and loving post.

But just before this, Sophie released her first book, Hinch Yourself Happy, which became a number one seller from pre-orders alone. Now, the book has sold so many copies that she is officially a Sunday Times Best Selling Author.

The book aims to help people transform their homes and their lives with cleaning, tidying and decluttering tips – changing the perception of dreaded household chores, turning them into something fun and motivational.

And later that same year, Sophie launched her second book, The Mrs Hinch Activity Journal. Filled with lots of activities, this book is all about giving people the gift of time out whilst helping them have fun and plan their upcoming ‘hinching’ activities. 


A year like no other, hey? 

To kickstart the year, Mrs Hinch amassed three million followers on Instagram and documented the moment with a beautifully written post. 

And in April, Sophie released her third book, Mrs Hinch: The Little Book of Lists, which is filled with ‘Hinch Lists’ and her famous ‘Fresh’n Up Fridays’ to help fellow cleaning fanatics manage their time more effectively. 

Later that year, Mrs Hinch released her fourth book, and her very first memoir, This Is Me. Soon becoming The Sunday Times No.1 Bestseller, the memoir documents the ups and downs of Sophie’s life, taking fans along for the ride.

Also during 2020, Sophie began documenting more about her journey into parenthood. Sharing her experiences with weaning, discussing child-friendly foods and even posting some of her favourite recipes for Ronnie and the whole family, Sophie added a few new strings to her bow.

From garden transformations to creating her very own kitchen ‘drive-thru’, Sophie also enjoys crafting and DIY along with her close friend, Stacey Solomon.


Although the year has only just begun, we are sure this is going to be the biggest one yet for Sophie, Jamie and their family. 

On New Year’s Day, Sophie took to Instagram to share the news that herself and Jamie were expecting Baby Hinch No.2 - how exciting! 

Already, Sophie has begun working on the baby’s nursery and has taken her fans on a mini house tour - something we’ve all been waiting for! 

To date, Sophie has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry including Joy of Clean, the trusted markers of the likes of Flash, Fairy, Ariel and Lenor, as well as being a brand partner for Scrub Daddy and Minky Homecare. 

We can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has instore for the Hinchliffes and of course, The Hinch Army. 

There we have it! The story of Mrs Hinch – and wow, what a story it is.

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